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The Return of the Black and Gold Antigona


Obviously, there’s not enough Antigona to go around. There’s always a new unique one around the corner, every season it seems there’s something to excite you. Just when I though I’ve had my fill, there’s something else that makes me want to share another Antigona for you.givenchy-antigona-pierced-leather-black-gold-hardware-1

I’m not sure when Givenchy somehow decided that gold hardware is no longer cool, and favored silver hardware on the Antigona, and most of their bags in general. Many long for the old days of black and yellow gold, a classic, elegant hardware/leather combination. But season after season, Givenchy held back on gold.givenchy-antigona-pierced-leather-black-gold-hardware-2

Today I find that Givenchy has given us a break, giving into gold. And now there’s one available. It looks to be a seasonal item though, so grab your credit cards and swipe away!