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There’s a new Chanel bag stealing the spotlight in tinseltown. Introduced during the French label’s Cruise 2017 Collection, this Chanel Click Label Shoulder Bag is a new sight to behold with its unique features.

Made from grained calfskin leather that is further stylishly complemented by its gold-tone hardware, this latest Chanel bag is distinctive with its click label. What is it by the way? The click label is the golden plate with the CHANEL signature written on it and placed in the middle for easier brand recognition. Such design is very trendy at the moment, think of the Trendy CC Bag.

Now let’s go move on to the other aspects of the bag to further appreciate its beauty. Observing it with meticulous eyes to details, you’ll notice that the flap is made of thick diamond quilting with smooth leather around the edges. The flap part of the bag also features the click label design. The rest of the body on the other hand is made of grained calfskin leather.

The bag is multifunctional andpractical to use on daily basis with its chained shoulder strap, which makes it easier to carry it by the shoulder and a top handle for effortless hand carrying.

Chanel Small Label Click Flap Bag
Style code: A93701
Size: 5.9’ x 8.3’ x 3.5’ inches
Prices: $3400 USD, €3100 euro, £2900 GBP, $4880 SGD, $25400 HKD, $4750 AUD, ¥396360 JPY, $4225 CAD

Chanel Medium Label Click Flap Bag
Style code: A93702
Size: 7.1’ x 10.2’ x 3.9’ inches
Prices: $3600 USD, €3300 euro, £3090 GBP, $5200 SGD, $27000 HKD, $5060 AUD, ¥422280 JPY, $4475 CAD

Chanel Large Label Click Flap Bag
Style code: A93703
Size: 8.3’ x 11.8’ x 4.7’ inches
Price: $3900 USD, €3650 euro, £3420 GBP, $5750 SGD, $29900 HKD, $5600 AUD, ¥466560 JPY, $4950 CAD








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Look who’s back with a sweet surprise. Tod’s is featuring its T Shoulder Bag once more but this time in a small shoulder bag version. If you remember, this Italian brand already released the said bag not long ago but in a mini cross body version.

If you want to talk about refined and sophisticated fashion taste, this Small Double T Shoulder Bag is the bag to go for it features a fine grainy black leather with maroon-hued trims that makes the leather stand out. The silver-tone hardware and silver-tone chain also makes a bright contrast against the backdrop of dark leather.

Although small in size, this bag is roomy enough to hold all your essential from office, to lunch breaks and to dinner dates as well. It features a magnetic fastening, snap-buttoned back pocket and an internal zipped pocket.

Comparing with the first version, the newer Double T bag is curvier, there is also a handle on the top and it features a chained link. The older one on the other hand is more squared and has a structural design.

It measures 8 x 10.5 x 4.5 (H x W x D) inches and is priced $1995 USD or €1400 via MyTheresa.






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Valentino Glitter Small Lock Shoulder Bag

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Valentino Small Lock Shoulder Bag is more than just a bag, it’s the brand’s finest and the most classic accessory. This bag returns season after season, in a brand-new jacket, embellishment or with a little twist.

And it’s no surprising that the Valentino Small Lock Shoulder Bag exists in shiny glitter. See it in this way – a classic accessory makeover for the evening party’s. And there is always a night that you long for such a beautiful accessory, do you have some extra space in your wardrobe to keep it?

Multicolored and refined with rhinestone embellishment on the front panels. The black oversized pyramid studs add a bold touch to your style. It comes with a metal chain shoulder strap that can be adjusted to your level of comfort.

It features one internal patch pocket and is party made with lambskin and partly with rhinestones. The bag opens with a clasp lock closure. Measuring 15 x 26 x 7 (H x W x D) in cm, priced at $3545 USD via Luisa Via Roma.


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The bucket bag is so ‘in’ right now, especially when they’re downsized and cute. And so Saint Laurent created the Jem Shoulder Bag and here’s why you will love it.

First of all, bucket bags are you-either-love-it or hate-it kind of bags. Some ladies love to wear them, others can’t get used to it.

But the Saint Laurent Jem Shoulder Bag is beautiful because of its simplicity. They’re all available in single colors. The brand’s logo is printed gently on the top of the bag, with tiny letters. And it’s refined with the luxurious YSL tag in silver hardware.

You open and close the bag with the drawstring. The interior features one large compartment to store all your essentials. This bag is ideal for travelling because of its comfortable carrying-option.

Oh yes, the bag is flat, adorable isn’t?

Measuring 9.5’ x 8’ (H x W), priced at $890 USD or €690 euro via MyTheresa.





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Valentino Leather Bucket Shoulder Bag: Lover’s Rockstud

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Valentino Leather Bucket Shoulder Bag

Feel the rainbow, taste the rainbow! I know, I know. The Rockstud is played out. I would be sick of Valentino’s ubiquitous pyramid studs myself, but this is such an adorable shape, I can’t resist these colorful pieces of arm candy (including the hardware that comes with them). In coral red, soft yellow, and aqua blue alike, this is the easiest bag I’ve ever carried.

This thing is light as a feather, ridiculously simple to access, and equally effortless to wear on the shoulder or crossbody. Add your choice of a favorite punchy color to the mix, and no wonder it’s the perfect companion for fun summer travels. Don’t let the small size fool you! Thanks to the accommodating bucket shape and buckled front pocket, this bag holds plenty. So even if you’ve got more than enough Valentino Rockstuds to love in your collection, I highly recommend making room for (at least) one more. 

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Latest Obsession: The Kara Tie Shoulder Bag

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