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Ladies, if there’s one thing worth noting about street-style favourite Chloé, it is their consistency in getting their IT bags right. Yes, we’re talking about their Fall 2017 runway favourite, the Pixie, a new addition to the family alongside its older sister, Nile. And while both bags bear similar brass finishes and that half-moon leather panelled detail (which does remind us of the Cheshire cat’s smile), this little sister does have her own outstanding features.

For starters, the Pixie is shaped perfectly round, and comes in a tri-leather combination that includes shiny goatskin, and smooth as well as suede calfskin for the best tactile experience. Also, when the bag is not in use, the bracelet handles can be ‘folded’ back nicely for that neat, clean look. Looking within you’ll find a suede calfskin lining that’s soft to the touch with an extra card pocket tucked within.


Measuring 20 cm in width and height (it’s a perfect circle, after all), thePixie comes with a removable leather strap that’s adjustable to a maximum length of 53 cm. Alluring thanks to its architecturally sublime looks, the Pixie comes in a number of colours that includes Intense Green, Mustard Brown, Saffron & Sienna Red, and we hear there’s more to the lineup like a blue and grey combo, so it is best that you head on down to the stores to try it on before you make a pre-order. Yes, there’s a wait list, but when it is priced at SGD2130, that’s surely worth the wait, right?

And if you’re wondering what the other round bag on the right is, yes, it is from Chloé as well although we don’t have more details on it yet. Shaped like the Pixie, it does look more like a clutch but until more info comes in, stay tuned.


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Chloe Bag Replica vs Chloe Dupe: Do You Know The Differences?

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I’ve already expressed my love for the Drew Chloe bag replica on different occasions. But I know I’m not the only one who has a soft spot for this beautiful bag. What I noticed in particular is that there is an impressive number of Chloe Drew dupe bags out there and this means the style is very sought-after.

Chloe Bag Replica vs Chloe Drew Lookalike

Right now there is only one Chloe Drew bag review on the blog but in the meantime many more replica sites have brought this bag in their handbag collection.

This Chloe bag replica is pretty affordable compared to other leather replica bags and also not very difficult to imitate. Still, there are some details about this bag that make all the difference.

First of all, a good Chloe bag replica should be made of real leather, either if it’s smooth or pebbled and should be lined with suede. The weight and the color of the hardware is also important. Make sure the hardware of the Chloe Drew replica is not tarnished or dark gold. The logo under the flap should be centered and it should have the same color as the hardware. Chloe bags feature a unique type of accent mark, so make sure you check that too. It should not be accent aigu, it should look like this:

Authentic Chloe Drew Logo

Authentic Chloe Drew Stamp

Sure, these are general tips, it’s not a how to spot a Chloe bag replica guide, this bag has some more work to do for that privilege haha! But you should still use them to choose a really good Chloe purse replica. Chloe replica bags are really having a moment now, so you’ll need to learn how to spot the most common flaws in order to avoid them. At the same time, you should take into account that these Chloe replica designer handbags are relatively small, so you should pay less than $300 for a good replica or at least that’s what I think.

Chloe Bag Replica vs Chloe Drew Dupe

Finding a Chloe Drew dupe is not hard at all either. You’ll find plenty on Aliexpress for example and here’s an example:

Chloe Drew Lookalike

Chloe Drew Dupe on Aliexpress

But please don’t mistake a Chloe Drew dupe for a Chloe bag replica. Even though some dupes look extremely similar to the real deal in terms of design, a dupe is an inspired, lookalike bag, not a replica. You may have heard about the Chloe dupe made by Forever 21, for example:

Chloe Drew Crossbody Lookalike Forever 21

Chloe Drew Inspired Bag Made By Forever 21

And also these Chloe Drew lookalikes made by Inzi:

Chloe Drew Bag Dupes

Chloe Drew Lookalikes Made By Inzi

An imitation bag will not have the logo stamp or the logo engraving on the front. It’s really important to know this difference in order not to buy a Chloe inspired bag by mistake. Dupes are usually cheaper than replicas, so the price might be tempting, but just make sure you check the photos first. The best Chloe replica handbags will have all the stamps and the engravings in the right places, not just a similar look.

This goes for the Chloe Faye bags as well. Even though the new Chloe bags have minimal discreet branding, it’s still there. The Chloe Faye bag will feature the logo on the front flap (both for the small and the medium) and also an embossed logo stamp in the interior. That’s all! Maybe some of you are thinking “Why should I pay more money just for these two stamps?” Well, others care about these things and if you really want your Chloe bag replica to look authentic, the branding of the bag is essential. If you don’t care about your bag looking just like the real deal, then it does make more sense to buy a Chloe dupe instead in order to save up some money.

Chloe Faye Bag Logo Stamp

Chloe Faye Medium Logo On The Flap

Chloe Faye Medium Inside Stamp

Chloe Faye Bag The Inside Stamp

And here is a Chloe Faye dupe. Notice it doesn’t have the logo on the flap?

Chloe Faye Lookalike

Chloe Faye Imitation

Chloe Faye Lookalikes

Chloe Faye Inspired Bags

But there’s also a different kind of Chloe dupe I wanted to tell you about. I’m talking about eBay scammers that are trying to sell their fake bags as real. The Chloe Drew has increased in popularity, which means there are more chances now for scammers to try to take advantage of people who are looking for this bag. This means you are likely to find more Chloe knockoff bags on eBay too. So if you want to keep yourself safe from a Chloe Drew dupe or a Chloe handbag replica, don’t believe that just because a bag is on eBay it necessarily means it’s real too!

Chloe Faye Bag Review

I haven’t received a Chloe Faye bag review with pictures yet. Still, a reader of the blog told me she got a replica Chloe Faye small bag in black from Bagaholics and even though she didn’t send me any photos yet, here is what she told me:

“Thanks to your sound advice about purchasing a Chloe Faye bag (small) I now have in my hands a lovely replica in black!

I was wondering if you’d like some photos to critique – there are some small flaws such as a slightly off centre logo and the chain is slighly too gold – but it holds up well next to my friends real bag! The service from bagaholics was superior to many western brands and the delivery came without any custom fees (rare for the uk!)”

Replica Chloe Faye Bag Review

Chloe Faye Bag Review

Hope I’ll get some photos of this Chloe bag replica too!

So what would you rather choose: a Chloe bag replica or a Chloe dupe?

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Chloe is a quintessential designer brand that has been around for years, revolutionizing bag design and everything high fashion. Today, we’re bringing you the brand’s latest offering, the Diamond Faye Bag. We’re sure it’ll spark your interest…totally!

This piece is the latest Faye to join the family, and its main design element is its diamond embossed calfskin leather exterior with suede lining and gold-tone hardware, which provides a beautiful contrast. Measuring 12.5” x 10” x 2” inches (W x H x D), the bag has enough room for all of your day to night essentials, guaranteed! It comes with an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap, making it one of the most versatile pieces you could ever own. Inside, it has two interior compartments and zip pocket. Surely, the organized diva would love this!

Priced at $2,050 USD or €1,938.80, you can get your very own Chloe Diamond Faye Bag now via Forward by Elyse Walker.





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Chloe is absolutely in-the-zone when it comes to giving us some of their TDF pieces. The Small Faye Bag, for example, is such a winner in our opinion. Sleek and exquisite, Chloe just hit the right places – it has enough bling to last you the whole day, without going overboard. In fact, we were able to feature its medium counterpart. You can check it out by clicking the link below.

READ: Everything About the Chloe Faye Bag

A very promising bag, the Faye is a beautiful shoulder piece that comes with an adjustable leather shoulder strap and a front flap with magnetic snap button closure, which keeps all of your personal effects intact. It also has a metal chain and metal ring in front, the bag’s main design element. Inside, it has three internal compartments and an internal patch pocket, giving you more room for your day-to-night essentials. What a treat!

Measuring 16cm x 24cm x 9cm, you can get your very own Small Faye bag for $1,390 USD or €975 EUR via Luisa Via Roma.






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