Bucket Bags Galore: Check Out Instagram’s Best Mansur Gavriel Bag Pics

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What Mansur Gavriel has accomplished in its short time in the handbag market is extremely impressive. The brand rocketed to success quickly after its debut because not only are the designs chic, simple and functional, but their prices aren’t sky-high. For a long time, the brand’s signature Bucket Bag was nearly impossible to buy without a lengthy wait list, which only stoked demand more.

Today, Mansur Gavriel has increased its production and the Bucket Bags aren’t as hard to find on store shelves both physical and virtual. Also, the line has expanded and now includes totes, crossbodies, backpacks, clutches and top handles; the fan-favorite is still the original Bucket Bag, though, and shoppers’ devotion to the brand really comes across on Instagram.

From the beginning, Mansur Gavriel has had a strong, very specific visual style, which covers everything from its products to the design of its press materials, and shoppers have used that aesthetic as inspiration for their own photos of the bags. We’re always excited to see our followers post Mansur Gavriel photos, and after scrolling our feeds and the brand’s #happygirlhappybag hashtag, we found some beautiful shots.

Check out all the best Mansur Gavriel bags we found on Instagram below, and if you’re craving a MG bag after the slideshow (and you’re not alone!), you’re in luck–many of the brand’s covetable bags are available now!

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A new wallet on chain (WOC) bag from the Paris in Rome Collection, this style stunner is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Polished and refined in all its angles, this Chanel Paris in Rome Wallet On Chain bag is perfect for women who know, walk and wear top-caliber fashion. Luxurious to the touch, this navy blue Chanel WOC is made from pure and genuine sheepskin and is accentuated in light gold metal.

The new and beautiful CC logo on the lower part and the diamond quilting effect in the center are the crème of the crop of this particular WOC. The interlocking chain straps on the other hand complemented and finished this look.

Style code A80972, measuring 4.8′ x 7.6′ x 1.4′ inches, priced at $2100 USD, €1850 euro, £1570 GBP, $15500 HKD via Chanel boutiques.

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Balenciaga Mens Carry Shopper

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I’ve been obsessing lots over Balenciaga of late ever since I paid a smart fortune on a pair of pants that I chanced upon at Club21. Then it was the Bazar Shopper that made me crush on the French luxury house even more, and as much as many out there still think of it as a joke of a bag, I’m still very keen on buying one for myself. Today, that obsession continues with something from the mens collection, the Balenciaga Mens Carry Shopper that’s another bag most of you will either love, or hate.


Looking nothing like a typical Balenciaga bag save for the ‘cracked’, slightly wrinkly lambskin leather that’s synonymous with their bags and SLGs, this 44 cm by 37 cm shopper must be Creative Director Demna Gvasalia’s subversive way of elevating common bag shapes by finishing them in the best leathers. That was the case of Bazar Shopper, and that also seems to be case for this.

Available in Black, Bleu Sulphate and Jaune Colza (a bright summery yellow), which incidentally are all signature colours for the luxury house, it actually comes in 2 sizes, with M being the 44 cm by 37 cm I mentioned earlier, and the L coming in at 54 cm by 37 cm. Priced at USD1620 and USD1965 respectively online, no word yet if they will be available in Singapore or its prices in SGD, so expect another update in due time.

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Do you know how a superstar bag looks like? Well well, set your eyes on this Saint Laurent’s Small Love Heart Chain Bag and you’ll instantly know the answer.

This Mini Love Crossbody Hear Bag in Black Patent Leather from Saint Laurent is the perfect cuteness and dainty to add to your overall ensemble especially if you get a date on a Saturday night or if you decide to go hit the dance floor with your friends on a TGIF kind of night.

This heart-shaped beauty resembles the Small Love Quilted Shoulder Bag also from the same brand but this time around, there are fun embellishments to it. The added stars on the metal interlocking YSL logo is the right amount of girly you would want in a bag. The gold colored metal shoulder strap on the other hand is also the perfect complement to its dark black leather color.

The small size is measured 4.7’ x 4.5’ x 1.8’ inches and priced at $895 USD or €690 euro, the medium size is measured 6.4’ x 6.4’ x 1.8’ inches, priced at $1250 USD or €990 euro via Saint Laurent boutiques.







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Chanel Gift Box Brass & Resin Evening Bag

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When is a gift box not just a gift box? When it is a Chanel gift box that’s also made into an actual bag. Yes, with the launch of Chanel’s Fall-Winter 2016 Pre-Collection in Singapore, this is one of the novelty pieces that hardcore collectors will love to have.

Measuring a wee 16.5 cm by 12.5 cm, this adorable resin clutch is quite literally the perfect gift to yourself, adorned with a brass ribbon that’s then topped with the iconic camilla. No word yet on the price, but I expect it to cost at least 5 figures. What you could do instead? Head down to Chanel stat and check out the entire collection and pick up something else more affordable that will also come in its own gift box. Not this one, but you know what I mean.

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Replica Dior Bags: Diorama Authenticity Tips And Tricks

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You probably know this bag, I think it’s actually one of the more popular new replica Dior bags because Rihanna made it famous. Who would have thought of Rihanna as a Dior Diorama type of gal? Certainly not me! Still, this metallic silver Diorama is to die for and I think it’s a very versatile bag too. It looks great with urban-chic outfits but it works with more elegant, lady-like outfits just as well. Here is Rihanna rocking this bag with very different outfits:

Rihanna Dior Diorama Metallic Silver Bag

Rihanna Wearing Her Dior Diorama Metallic Bag

The thing with fake bags online is that they are directly linked to the popularity of the authentic bags. This is why it’s so much easier to find the IT bags of the moment but it can be really complicated to find older styles. Celebrities have much to say in bag trends because they dictate what’s hot and what’s not in most of the cases. The same thing happened with the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag, for example. This bag because a huge success among celebrities and the rest followed.

Diorama Replica Dior Bags – What To Check

Now back to replica Dior bags. I think that most Dior bags are meant to look classic, even the new ones. They may not be the most original designer bags out there, but they always look timeless. I was really excited when I first saw the Dior Diorama bag. It looks so fresh and contemporary but without losing this classic appeal I am talking about. I know that many people accused Dior for lacking originality in their design once again, but I like it.

So for those who are not into trendy bags but more into timeless, ladylike replica designer handbags Christian Dior might just be it. But it was about time to see something new from this brand. It’s not that I’m bored with the iconicLady Dior knockoff Dior handbags or the Miss Dior bag. But I feel they needed to make a new classic. And I think that the Diorama is it.

Ok, so someone sent me some photos of a Dior Diorama silver metallic perforated flap bag, asking me if it was authentic. She found it on a site for £1,200. The price would not be bad for an authentic Diorama, but unfortunately this bag is a fake. You don’t see as many replica Dior bags on eBay and other sites as you see Celine or Givenchy bags, for example. But this is only because they’re not as sought after. So you still need to be careful.

Replica Dior Bags Dustbag

Replica Dior Dust Bag – Check The Dust Bag Too!

Replica Dior Diorama Clasp Flap Bag

Replica Dior Diorama Bag Silver Metallic Clasp

Replica Dior Diorama Bag Inside Logo Stamp

Replica Dior Diorama Bag Stamp Is Not Good

Replica Dior Diorama Bag Lining

Replica Dior Diorama Bag Inside Of The Bag

I still love this bag even though it has flaws, but it’s just unbelievable how someone would sell replica Dior bags for this price. So maybe you were wondering how I realized this bag is a fake. Well, first of all I have to admit that I am not very familiar with the correct interior color of each Diorama bag (there are a lot of colors and variations). Still, I know for a fact that the interior of the metallic silver Diorama should be black.

Also, the stamp should be printed, while the replica has an embossed stamp. And just in case you were wondering, the dust bag looks fake too.

Dior Diorama Bag – Other Authenticity Tips

If you want to check the authenticity of a Dior Diorama bag, you should also know that the big chain links. They should also be engraved with “CD”. Check to see if there is a “Made In Italy” stamp in the interior right under the zipper. The Diorama replica Dior bags that are made of grained calfskin or smooth lambskin should also have a “Dior” stamp at the back of the bag, at the bottom.

Dior Diorama Bags Authenticity Tips

Authentic Dior Diorama Bag – Hardware Engravings And Stamp

I think that the Medium size has black interior flap with silver stamp, while the Mini has grey leather on the interior of the flap, with black lining just in the interior compartment. But it wasn’t just the color of the interior and the stamp that gave this bag away. The Cannage Perforated pattern on the leather is also wrong. Just look at the two squares at the bottom of the flap.

Replica Dior Diorama Silver Metallic Perforated Bag Review

Replica Dior Diorama Silver Metallic Perforated Bag The Pattern Is Wrong

And now you can compare it with the original and see that it’s clearly different. So trust me, you can find replica Dior bags that are much better than this. And also cheaper, of course.

Authentic Dior Diorama Silver Metallic Mini Cannage Perforated Bag vs Fake

Christian Dior Diorama Silver Metallic Mini Cannage Perforated Bag How The Pattern Should Be

There is no best Dior replica review on the blog because honestly, no one ever sent me great replica Dior bags reviews. And that’s really sad. But I really hope this is going to change soon and that I’m going to receive a Dior Diorama replica review soon!

So what do you girls think of the Diorama replica Dior bags: love them or leave them?

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