Coachella Hair And Makeup Inspiration

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Coachella Hair and Makeup Inspiration 2018 Coachella Hair and Makeup Inspiration

Coachella has indeed passed, but the rest of the excitement of the moment, it still feels. For those of you who are currently preparing for a festival that you will visit and confused about the makeup and hair. Inspired from Coachella, you will find yourself look beautiful and unique with very different. A little creative with the play against glitter to makeup. As for hair braids or try with double bun tasted very interesting. Here is the Coachella magical hair and makeup.

Coachella Hair and Makeup 2018 Coachella Hair and Makeup InspirationCoachella Outfit 2018 Coachella Hair and Makeup Inspiration2018 Coachella Hair and Makeup Inspiration Coachella Hair and Makeup InspirationCoachella 2018 Inspiration Coachella Hair and Makeup InspirationCoachella Hair Inspiration 2018 Coachella Hair and Makeup Inspiration

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Just when you thought things couldn’t get any brighter for a fashionable bag, suddenly comes this one-of-a-kind and head-turning Anya Hinmarch Mini Circle Shoulder Bag. A bag that looks like a beautiful unicorn, this is an accessory that should be included in your bag ASAP if you want to add a pop of color to your monochromatic outfits.

It sure looks like any typical rectangular-shaped bag until the strap comes into the play, to give it an added spunk and attitude! Its adjustable multicolor patch shoulder strap is a definite game changer as it can match any outfit you have in mind! Also, you can carry it either by the shoulder or cross body whichever way you prefer it.

And if you ever wonder why it’s called a mini circle shoulder bag, just take a look at all the circles on the shoulder strap and you’ll definitely get an obvious answer.

It has a top zip closure for an added sense of security and has three internal card slots and one internal zip pocket to hold your things. Measuring11 x 18 x 6.5 (H x W x D) cm and is priced $825 USD, €695 euro, $1100 AUD, $5030 HKD, ¥90000 JPY 






For $995 USD, €695 euro, $1165 SGD, $1220 CAD, $1154 AUD, ¥96274 JPY via Luisa Via Roma


For $995 USD, €695 euro, $1165 SGD, $1220 CAD, $1154 AUD, ¥96274 JPY 

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The 13 Weirdest Luxury Goods Your Favorite Designer Bag Brands Sell on the Internet Right Now

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Dolce & Gabbana is returning with a bang for their popular Dolce Collection and one certain bag caught our discerning and meticulous attention. This bag is the Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Quilted Lace Bag.

For bagaholics out there, you’ll likely acknowledge the fact that D&G doesn’t make much quilted handbags and to break away from this tradition, the Dolce Quilted Lace Bag is considered to be an unconventional one in the best possible way. And we are in love with it.

It has a gold colored metal hardware to match its beautiful black quilting canvas and has ruffled lace trim on the sides for a feminine touch! It also has a lock charm with turn lock closure in the middle for a vava voom effect!

Take a look inside, it has one internal zip compartment and two internal compartments to keep your things safe and sound. It also has a detachable metal chain shoulder strap so you can easily transition it from being a shoulder bag to a cross-body bag and a handbag!

Measuring 14 x 21.5 (H x W) cm and is priced $1295 USD, €895 euro, £895 GBP, $1900 SGD, $1950 AUD, ¥149000 JPY





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Prada Men’s Made-To-Order Microsole Lace-Up Project

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These brogues from Prada took the fashion world by storm when it was first released back in 2011, and in no time at all was on almost every man’s wish list. Given Miuccia Prada’s twist on the traditional mens’ brogues, they came intricately detailed in a wide range of contrasting colours that all had an espadrille middle before it was finished with a thick rubber sole that would have enabled any of Snow White’s 7 dwarfs to stand tall. In other words, it was a complete success.

Fast forward 6 years later and this shoe is still part of Prada’s extensive footwear collection, appearing seasonally in muted colour combinations without the middle espadrille detailing that we have all come to know and love. Which is nice, but just not the same. Well, we’ve got good news. For those who are still sore about not getting a pair back then, or want a pair that’s truly your own, Prada Singapore will be offering the Made-To-Order Microsole Lace-Up Project that will run from 17 April to 23 April 2017.


So what’s in it for the guys? Choose from 17, yes, a whopping 17 single-toned leather uppers, or 12 different combinations of tri-coloured models. As for the soles, there are 3 types. An all-rubber sole, a rubber and rope sole and a diamond-textured rubber sole, with up to 10 different combinations for all 3 variations. What’s more, you can even monogram the insole with your initials for a truly personalised pair. All in all, 290 different combinations are possible, with prices ranging fromSGD1980 a pair all the way to SGD5750 for the ones in full exotic croc.

And with less than 2 weeks before this service kicks off in Singapore, it’s time to take a walk down memory lane and dream up that perfect pair of Prada ‘creepers’ you never had. Yet.

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Fashion Meets Art with Olympia Le-Tan’s Keith Haring Handbags

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Olympia Le-Tan’s busy year is not done yet: the French designer surprised us once more with a brand new collection that pays homage to Keith Haring, letting fashion meet art once again. As if things weren’t cool enough, the Olympia Le-Tan x Keith Haring capsule collection taps iconic Chloë Sevigny as the campaign’s brand ambassador, photographed by Oliver Hadlee Pearch.

Olympia Le-Tan’s Keith Haring Handbags

“Other than being smart and gorgeous, Chloë is the coolest New Yorker there is! I feel like she would definitely have been hanging out with Keith Haring had they been from the same generation,” declared Le-Tan in an interview with Vogue, revealing her fascination with the artist.

“Haring’s work is so fun and colorful. It looks naive yet it’s very political, which is why I like it so much. I thought this would be a good capsule to complement our Fall collection, Framed, which was about the art world.”

Famous for her fairytale-like clutches, Le-Tan always draws inspiration from the animated movie and artistic worlds, often intertwining such motifs together. For this 12-piece Olympia Le-Tan x Keith Haring handbag collection, however, she solely focused on Haring-inspired patterns, making sure she could properly and wholly pay homage to one of her favorite artists of all time.

Overall geometric and colorful, the Olympia Le-Tan x Keith Haring line-up features some of Haring’s most iconic works, such as “Mom”, “Andy Mose” and “Pop Shop III”, the signature patterns, color combinations and artistic touches of which will let even those who are not familiar with Haring’s pieces have their aha moment.

Haring’s signature style is undeniably recognizable and, despite being regarded by many as ‘too minimalistic’ always hides a deeper meaning behind it. By using Keith Haring’s works as the line-up’s sole source of inspiration, Olympia Le-Tan let Haring’s legacy as an activist and humanist shine through this suffering world once again, and such an inspiring message is no small feat for sure.

The Olympia Le-tan x Keith Haring handbags will also give a reading advice to those who would like to get acquainted with Haring’s works better. Le-tan, a.k.a. the one who never misses a chance to create book cover-inspired bags, decided to recreate Nina’s Book of Little Things for this collection of hers, a piece Keith created for Nina Clemente in 1988, as well as his work for the Paris Review from 1989.

The Olympia Le-Tan x Keith Haring collection is now available for pre-order at, with the pieces scheduled to be delivered in November 2016.

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