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We recently brought you a sneak peek of what you can expect from Christian Louboutin in Spring 2016, and thankfully, some of these spring accessories have started to trickle into stores. Louboutin has a lot to offer this upcoming season, and I wanted to take a closer look at the Paloma Tote, which is the brand’s biggest Spring 2016 handbag debut.

The Paloma Tote is both bold and sophisticated, and the black calfskin version has a contrasting nude top handle and Louboutin’s red sole emblem, as well as a red interior peeking out. At first glance, it feels a bit bare for a Louboutin bag (remember the Lucky L Hobo?), but the gussets provide a hidden pop of Louboutin, with leopard-print patent leather, spike detailing and, of course, a bit of red.

Louboutin Paloma Details_1

The bag also comes with a removable shoulder strap, which is important because the tote can feel a bit heavy when carried by the top handles. Since the bag is quite large, I initially didn’t think the shoulder strap would be functional or comfortable, as is often the issue with large, structured bags. Surprisingly, this adjustable strap proved me wrong; it fell at just the right spot on my body and the top handles weren’t in my way. The combination of structure and versatility makes it an excellent work bag.

Louboutin Paloma Details_2

I quickly fell in love with the unique structure of the bag, but it was the interior that really made me swoon. I love bags that help me stay organized and the red suede portfolio-style interior is hard to resist. Also, not everyone will agree with me, but I personally love a bag that doesn’t have a top closure. I like to have things at easy access without having to fumble with closures, clasps and buttons. The two zipper compartments are enough to keep my valuables hidden while still having other things in my handbag easily accessible, which is always a plus when I’m using a bag for work. But don’t fret, there’s still a concealed pull-out strap if you’re not completely comfortable having everything out in the open.

Louboutin Paloma Details_4

Louboutin Paloma Details_6

Louboutin sent us a sample that I got to use for a couple of days, and I have to say it’s way more functional than it looks. Everything from my daily essentials to my 13-inch Macbook for work (I wasn’t kidding when I said this was huge!) fit comfortably. If that’s not enough to convince you of the design’s worthiness, I also received a bunch of compliments while carrying the bag and everyone was dying to know the designer–always a perk in my book!

Also, if you’re wondering about the shoes in our photos, they’re the Christian Louboutin So Baker Sandals and they are even more awesome in person!

Louboutin Paloma Details_3

The Paloma comes in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes and can shop all these different options at Christian Louboutin. You can also shop this exact version at Neiman Marcus for $2,490.

Louboutin Paloma Details_5

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It’s Friday again, friends. Thank you for joining us for another edition of the PurseForum Roundup. This week, we visit Louis Vuitton, the Jewelry Box, Bottega Veneta and more. Get comfortable and come along!


January rang in the New Year and also the January Purchases Thread in Louis Vuitton. There are plenty of great new additions to our members’ collections, and we hope you will make a point to see what has been popping up in this fast-moving thread. This thread certainly boasts something for everyone, like this terrific bag charm from canyongirl. While you are in our Louis Vuitton subforum, be sure to check into the New 2016 Bags thread for updates; we saw a few thing that are interesting and a few that are, well…let us know what you think!


This thread is so cute. “Who is in Your Passenger Seat” invited Louis Vuitton lovers to share their driving companions. You just may find inspiration in this thread, whether it is for a new bag purchase or perhaps even something with wheels! Bellabean12’s collection was quite an eyeful; be sure to stop by this thread for more.


The below-the-radar, understated elegance of the Bottega Veneta intrecciato cannot be overstated. This house has consistently put out spectacular bags, and we absolutely love to find new BV acquisitions revealed on the PurseForum. This ice-blue beauty belongs to LoveHeart, who did a wonderful job of capturing this sweet little bag for us.

Also be sure to catch bmk33s fabulous metallic espadrilles, which are perfect for most every season. (Unless you have to slog around in snow, of course.) There is plenty going on in our BV subforum this month and we hope to see you there.


Honestly, we never know what we will find on the front page the Wardrobe. This week, we logged quite a few minutes in the Totally Worth It–Totally Not Worth It thread. Our members are quite opinionated when it comes to shopping, and they are wise indeed when it comes to value. Spend some time in this thread and we are sure you will agree.

Also in the Wardrobe this week, we found these adorable booties in the incredibly popularWho Else Loves Zara thread. Mrstap snapped these up and earned a tip of the hat from appreciative Zara fans.


Last week, we shared a bit of trouble with a pair of Valentinos. This week, we found another pair with a scratch in the Help!! My RS heels got ruined thread and enjoyed reading our members’ opinions on patent versus leather, with the occasional reveal tossed in for good measure. We found these pretty yellow Rockstuds from meowmix318, and we have a feeling that if you love dogs (or shoes), you will enjoy this thread!

There are plenty of other conversations about the brand’s super-popular footwear in the new Valentino Shoes subforum, so don’t be shy–you don’t have to own a pair to enjoy spending time there and soaking up some info.


MsKaren took the Show your Tiffany & Co. Collection seriously and was kind enough to share many of her lovely pieces, but this box shot really stole the show and we could not resist sharing. We have a subforum dedicated to the powerhouse brand that has been making our lives more stylish since 1837. We also have a fascinating thread for afficionados, who find their love for Tiffany & Co. has a slightly more imperative quality–the Tiffanys Jewelry Addictionthread is where they gather to discuss their favorite passion.

Thank you so much for joining us again. We will be back next Friday with more, and in the meantime, we hope you have a wonderful week ahead. Remember, awards season is upon us, and you can visit Television and Cinema and the Celebrity Subforums to catch up on all the latest entertainment news. We can almost sense the days getting longer, and we wish you all a gentle remaining winter.

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Burberry Exclusive Lace Leather Small Orchard

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With less than 2 weeks till the arrival of the Lunar New Year, everyone’s getting busy for the big day, from cleaning the house from top to bottom to prepping a symbolic new wardrobe to usher in the festivities. And if you’re like me, who always takes this an excuse to buy new underwear, and of course, a new bag.

And if you’re in the market for something exclusive, functional and yet looking all delicate and pretty, how about adding Burberry’s festive Small Orchard in laser-cut leather to your consideration list? Measuring 39 cm across by 25 cm, the beautiful lace pattern is a guaranteed head-turner too, in the softest of pinks girls will love. Sporting a detachable leather sling, rolled leather handles and finished with gold-tone hardware, it is also by far the prettiest offering from Burberry yet this season.


Now we’ve got the bag sorted, how about adding the most adorable of bear charms? Sporting checked cashmere bodies and available in a wide variety of colours, they start from just SGD240 for the plain ones to SGD495 for the ballerina one which is très cute don’t you think?

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The New York City-based high fashion brand Marc Jacobs unveils its Spring/Summer 2016 ad campaign starringManhattan-born American model Veronika Vilim.

Veronika Vilim Stars in Marc Jacobs SS 2016 Advertising Campaign

The latest Marc Jacobs advertising is photographed by David Sims, styled by Katie Grand, casting by Anita Bitton, hair by Guido Palau, makeup by Diane Kendal, nails by Jin Soon Choi & set design by Stefan Beckman.

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