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The Chanel Golden Class Double CC Line and Trendy CC Line are both the new classics. They return every season and the collection has been expanded from shoulder bags to WOCs and now wallets. These styles are actually the modern accessories of Chanel and they’re huge success.

Now meet the Chanel Golden Classic Double CC Long Wallet, the name already reveals its secret. The wallet is embellished with a 3D double CC logo attached to a golden plate. This design is becoming another signature of the house.

Together with the logo, the body is made with diamond quilting for the elegant look. While the wallet appears to be modern, the quilting balanced it with some classic appeal.

This is a long wallet, meaning it can be used as your daily companion. Slip it inside your bag and when you pull out at the checkout, it’s an effortless brag.

The inside is made with central compartment, card slots and zipped pocket. There are also different colors available, but you need to check with the boutiques for the options.

Made from grained calfskin leather, it’s as durable as caviar but not as hard. The wallet has a smooth but grainy touch, which feels luxurious. It’s perfect for the fashionable woman.

Style code is A80768, measuring 4.1’ x 7.6’ x 1.2’ inches, priced at $1300 USD, €1250 euro, £1080 GBP, $1920 AUD, $10100 HKD, $2010 SGD, ¥9900 CNY, ¥158760 JPY via Chanel boutiques.

Tell us your ideas; is this wallet worth your investment?



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Michael Kors Has Agreed to Buy Jimmy Choo for $1.2 Billion

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On Tuesday, it was announced that Michael Kors will be acquiring British footwear and accessory giant Jimmy Choo, according to a report in Women’s Wear Daily. Rumors of a Choo acquisition had been swirling for months and Kors had been tipped early as a potential buyer, and now the two companies have made things official, in spite of relatively weak recent financial performance from Kors that had fueled speculation the company would back out of the bidding.

In his statement to WWD, Kors chairman and chief executive office John D. Idol praised Jimmy Choo’s strength in Europe and Asia as a strong selling point for the brand, and he intimated that Kors’ existing infrastructure as a global brand would be useful in driving even more exposure for Jimmy Choo products both in the US and abroad.

As for whether the acquisition means expanded visibility for Choo’s handbags: don’t count on it. Idol complained that the international handbag market isn’t expanding at the moment while footwear is, so the company plans to leverage that existing success in order to expand Choo’s presence in the shoe market, but bags seem to be taking a back burner. If there’s one thing Michael Kors is good at, though, it’s getting products into a lot of retailers and in front of a lot of shoppers, so expect that to come for Jimmy Choo.

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Chloé F/W17 Pixie

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Ladies, if there’s one thing worth noting about street-style favourite Chloé, it is their consistency in getting their IT bags right. Yes, we’re talking about their Fall 2017 runway favourite, the Pixie, a new addition to the family alongside its older sister, Nile. And while both bags bear similar brass finishes and that half-moon leather panelled detail (which does remind us of the Cheshire cat’s smile), this little sister does have her own outstanding features.

For starters, the Pixie is shaped perfectly round, and comes in a tri-leather combination that includes shiny goatskin, and smooth as well as suede calfskin for the best tactile experience. Also, when the bag is not in use, the bracelet handles can be ‘folded’ back nicely for that neat, clean look. Looking within you’ll find a suede calfskin lining that’s soft to the touch with an extra card pocket tucked within.


Measuring 20 cm in width and height (it’s a perfect circle, after all), thePixie comes with a removable leather strap that’s adjustable to a maximum length of 53 cm. Alluring thanks to its architecturally sublime looks, the Pixie comes in a number of colours that includes Intense Green, Mustard Brown, Saffron & Sienna Red, and we hear there’s more to the lineup like a blue and grey combo, so it is best that you head on down to the stores to try it on before you make a pre-order. Yes, there’s a wait list, but when it is priced at SGD2130, that’s surely worth the wait, right?

And if you’re wondering what the other round bag on the right is, yes, it is from Chloé as well although we don’t have more details on it yet. Shaped like the Pixie, it does look more like a clutch but until more info comes in, stay tuned.


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The 6 most expensive men’s accessories of all time

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The evolution of men’s fashion is one ruled by history and tradition, from the Victorian gentleman of the early 1900s to the power dressing of the 1980s. Social, political and economic trends dictated what was acceptable or not – and this can still be seen in the current era of great individuality in fashion.

Accessories have always played a crucial role in fashion history – think of Victorian gentleman expressing their wealth through top hats, pocket watches and elaborate canes – but accessories can be tricky for a gentleman to master, with a wide array of options available at any given time.
But a sure way to stand out above the crowd is to spend big. Find out more with our guide to the most expensive men’s accessories and who wore them:-

6. Carbon Fiber Wallet ($1400)
The only place to start is the location of your wealth: the wallet. Evolving from a simple piece of fabric to hold coins for the market to a beautifully handcrafted statement of wealth.
Traditionally the main material used has been leather with most skilled craftsmen hoping to use the softest or rarest leather available. However, the advancements of technology in both construction and payment has meant the introduction of new materials.
Lewis Hamilton uses the $1,400 Dunhill Carbon Fiber Biometric Wallet, which is made from carbon fibre with a leather interior. While light and durable with modern styling, it also packs secret features. Metal implants prevents any unauthorised card intrusions, while it also requires a fingerprint to open.

5. Umbrella ($50,000)
The umbrella is one of the few accessories that most men hope not to use. But if you are to get caught in a downpour in rainy season, then it is important to look dapper while dealing with mother nature.
The eye-catching umbrella designed and created by Italian Formula One mogul Flavio Briatore and designer Angelo Galasso is sure to tick this box. Bypassing the more frequently used polyester, this $50,000 masterpiece was constructed out of genuine crocodile skin that is naturally water resistant.

4. Shoes ($50,000)
Conventional wisdom would point to a fine pair of brogues or oxfords as the fashionable accessory but ‘sneakers’ have seen such a stark revival in fortune over the last few years that they are impossible to ignore.
The sneaker trend has managed to infiltrate itself into many social standings, so it is no surprise that brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci have entered the market with their own designs.
However, Nike still holds the title of the world’s most expensive pair, with rapper Big Boi splashing out $50,000 for a pair of diamond encrusted Air Force 1’s.

3. Sunglasses ($408,000)
The modern epitome of cool is also one of the very few accessories to have stemmed from a health perspective.
Sunglasses are one of the easiest accessories to get right, simply finding the right fit for your face shape will open the endless number of options available in market. Traditional styles like wayfarers and aviators never go out of fashion, while continuing to inspire modernised imitations
Like the De Rigo Vision pair by Chopard, an exclusive Swiss watch and jewellery maker. Selling for a cool $408k, these excusive sunglasses combine 60 grams of 19 carat gold for the temples, hinges and screws, coming luxury with durability, and 51 full-cut River diamonds set with a special technique so that the stones create a radiant carpet.

2. Watches ($ 28,00,000)
No element of men’s style combines fashion and function like the wristwatch. Nor does any other male accessory inspire such devotion and interest.
These magnificent devices have grown from very practical beginnings to exquisite works of art. The real beauty in the wristwatch, is that there is a watch for every occasion, hence the desire of many to curate a small collection and the need to invest in watch winders so that all timepieces are perfectly maintained.
Though expensive watches are common for the connoisseur, with exquisite pieces from Blancpain or Patek Philippe regularly costing over $100,000, the Hublot Bing Bang Watch is still the one to beat in terms of price. Taking a team of seventeen people over fourteen months to create, the watch comes with 637 diamonds. The cost to Beyoncé as a gift to her husband Jay-Z? $2.8 million dollars.

1. Cufflinks ($42,00,000)
Style is in the details, no matter how small. That extra bit of care taken over your appearance, can make all the difference, that’s why it is no great surprise that the most expensive item on the list, is also the smallest.
Cufflinks first appeared back in the 16th century but it was not until the 18th century that they were more commonly found. Traditionally they were one of the few pieces of jewellery that men would be allowed to wear, bringing about extensive design and interest in them.
This interest resulted in Jacob & Co creating a stunning $4.2 million pair of diamond cufflinks. The centrepiece on each cufflink features a 10.5 carat yellow diamond framed with an additional 5 carats of baguette cut diamonds. These stunning works of art are sure to adorn the wrists of many royals around the world.

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Lately, smooth leather crafted handbags have been very popular like the Pure Classic Flap Bag. Another famous mix is smooth leather mix with diamond quilting where the flap is made quilted. One example is the Business Affinity Bag and the latest Pre-Fall Seasonal Flap Bag. So a handbag crafted with two different leathers could become the next trend in the fashion world. Now meet the Chanel Pure Patent Classic Bag.

Another popular mix is part leather and part quilting like the Business Affinity Bag.


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In a world full of ever-changing fashion trends, some women prefer to remain a classic and what better way to complement your timeless style than with an equally classic Chanel clutch? Introducing Chanel Small Clutch with Pearl Chain, which is a new style from Chanel Small Clutch with Chain Collection.

Released for the brand’s Pre-Fall 2017 Collection, this zipped Chanel Small Clutch with Pearl Chain looks like a big competition among Chanel’s more famous wallet on chains (WOCs). Now let’s talk more about this bag beauty. Featuring the label’s signature thick diamond quilting paired with a gold metal hardware with pearl chain accents, this Chanel clutch is a timeless beauty on its own. As if that’s not enough to accentuate its timeless elegant feel, you will also discern that a variation was made with the iconic CC logo. Have a hard time believing? Take a micro look at it and you’ll know exactly what we are talking about. As you can see, the CC logo is further adorned and embellished with pearls for that extra classic touch.


The pearl is really what distinguish this bag. We’ve seen enough of this classic style in diamond quilting and beautiful woven chain leather. But the pearls enhance the chic’ness, it’s beautiful crafted on the chain link a jewelry in golden hardware. The pearls are also embellished on the mini CC logo. This is a heart-melting bag.

With its price less expensive than the WOC, you might want to add it to your wardrobe. Style code A84274, measuring 10.5 x 19.5 x 2 cm, priced at $1150 USD, €1100 euro, £970 GBP, $8700 HKD, ¥139320 JPY, ¥8500 CNY via Chanel boutiques.



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