Altuzarra Resort 2017 Collection


Everyone knows that high-slit pencil skirts are Joseph Altuzarra’s signature design, which translates really well on the commercial side of his luxury ready-to-wear designs. The garments sell well on the floor, and if it’s not broken, why fix it? For the Altuzarra resort 2017 collection, the designer gave us that staple slit in a few of high-knee length skirts, and also a short slit in a miniskirt, which was a rather surprising, modern and youthful update to the design. A lot of the garments in his collection were a balancing act between mature sophistication and youthful sexiness, all in a great rendition of a ready-to-wear collection for the everyday, modern woman.

Altuzarra Resort 2017 Collection

“I didn’t want ‘a huge look,’ but things women want to wear every day,” said Altuzarra in an interview withVogue during the showing in the designer’s showroom on Thursday morning. It seems this designer chose to go a more commercial route for his resort designs.

There are no set boundaries for what a designer should create for this mid-season showing; some opt for luxurious and exotic line, some use it for their creations that wouldn’t fit into a set seasons, and others still just use it as an outlet for more ready-to-wear clothes for their customers. Altuzarra is one designer who goes for the last option of the three listed, as he said in his interview, and as showed in his line.

Some looks were made clearly for sophisticated women, while others took youthful, cool trends and turned them into something a mature, sophisticated woman would love to wear. The latter might seem like a bit of a contradiction, but Altuzarra pulls it off in a fabulous way.

Altuzarra Resort 2017 Collection

Altuzarra Resort 2017 Collection

But the Altuzarra resort 2017 collection also wasn’t created totally out of the blue. Many of the techniques and details were pulled from his past collections but were implemented in new ways. Pulled from hisspring/summer 2015 show based on Rosemary’s Baby was Altuzarra’s houndstooth pattern, which came this time in the form of many silhouettes: a full houndstooth pantsuit, the black and white slitted mini (paired with an ankle boot of the same pattern), and other garments as well, interspersed throughout the whole collection.

Also from the past was his successful spring 2016 tie-dye patterning, here seen on skirts and dresses. He has decided to use the resort season to showcase some of his best work from the past few years, in ways that women will want to wear in 2017. Because, as he said to a group in his showroom in similar fashion to his statement with Vogue, “…it’s really important to think about pieces that might not be ‘Fashion’ with a capital F, but are pieces you really want to wear every day that are super easy, that feel really good.”

With his strong yet strategically simple collection, that point was emphasized over and over again through the clothes themselves.

Altuzarra Resort 2017 Collection

Altuzarra Resort 2017 Collection

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Rochas Resort 2017 Collection


Sensuality and innocence are the feelings and sensations Alessandro dell’Acqua wanted to evoke with his newestRochas resort 2017 collection, which could be regarded as ethereal, feminine and almost mystique, indeed. For the upcoming cruise season, Alessandro dell’Acqua, whose debut Rochas fashion show took place in February 2014, is both celebrating the house’s roots and revamping its hallmarks with his seductive uber-feminine take on fashion.

Rochas Resort 2017 Collection

Dell’Acqua’s women are strong, confident and independent, with an attractive sensual femininity, which often leads the designer to veer off from the brand’s heritage to a more glam-rock kind of fashion. For this reason, the Neapolitan fashion designer often showcases a neutral color palette that mainly features blush, white, beige and light gray tones, aside from a few total-black ensembles. And his signature delicate hues are to be found in the Rochas resort 2017 collection too, which however manages to highlight dell’Acqua’s artisanal skills with rich, more opulent shades.

Balancing innovation with tradition, as well as texture with the richness in colors (like many of his contemporaries, he doesn’t leave anything by chance, choosing the fabrics depending on the color/pattern scheme utilized), dell’Acqua focused on billowy figures and layered silhouettes, interrupting the airy lines with clean-cut coats and knee-length classy pants that gave the collection a slightly tomboyish allure.

Rochas’ infamous 2/3-length coat is, of course, present in the line too and, surprisingly here its length got translated to most of the skirts too. As for the pockets on the skirts the French fashion house became famous for, dell’Acqua geometrically attached them on the cozy coats instead.

Matching blush blouses create an interesting tor-sur-toneffect with the coats, leaving it up to the fabrics and textures to create a pleasing contrast (whilst the coats were made of a warm wool material, the blouses feature a sleek silk material).

Rochas Resort 2017 Collection

As for the slightly brighter ensembles, dell’Acqua had fun experimenting with both floral patterns and bold blue color touches, the ultimate expression of which features an oversized, heavyweight floor-length matte blue maxi dress that somehow manages to accentuate the figure adding dynamicity to the collection, despite being meant not to hug the curves.

When it comes to the botanical prints, Alessandro dell’Acqua used them to create both Seventies-inspired off-the-shoulder dresses tight at the waistlines, and Eighties modest dresses with squared shoulders. Although differing in styles, all the dresses feature common frilled and pleated details, put either on the hems or sides.

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15 Best Eyebrow Fillers for the Perfect Brow Makeup


When all eyes in the beauty arena are on those signature, all-powerful eyebrows, nolens volens we frantically start looking for the best eyebrow fillers from the leading names. So, we are here to grease the wheels and provide you with a list of 15 best eyebrow fillers that are sure to be of good service to you whether you are all taken away by “eyebrows on fleek” or rather sticking to au naturel unkempt arches or maybe going several decades back to embrace those skinny brows. But before that take several minutes to go through the main categories and types of eyebrow products and the diverse effects each of them is able to bring unto your arches.

Best Eyebrow Fillers for the Perfect Brow Makeup

Brow Pencils: If inborn thin eyebrows have always been your vulnerable point or you just need to see your over-plucked sparse eyebrows morphed into full arches in a flash, one of the best eyebrow fillers in this case comes to be the brow pencil that will help you acquire more power, volume and super-groomed fix above the eyes. Even if your eyebrow pencil is blendable enough, always have a spoolie brush at your disposal to work out more natural appeal and to avoid any smudges or smears.

Brow Pens and Fine Pencils: These amazing eyebrow products are just perfect to fill your arches in far the most natural way and it is owing to their ultra-skinny fine tips. Without any hard pressing you will be able to sketch tiny eyebrow-hair-mimicking strokes on your sparse spots; only you need to have more time at your disposal to handle this miniature work. And to avoid an overly penciled-in brow, the brow expert Damone Roberts recommends that it is better to use these eyebrow products to “kiss the hair.”

Brow Powder: If the agenda is to define eyebrows yet keeping them in softer and more velvety feeling, brow powder comes as the best-working filler in here. The powder blends more effortlessly with spoolie brush and requires no more than several minutes of standing before the mirror. Brow experts recommend using two-color brow powder kits to use the lighter shade on the inner corners of the brows while the darker one on the tails for more definition.

Brow Gel and Mascara: These two eyebrow products rather work to tame unruly hairs keeping them in symmetrical harmony than to shape and fill your arches. However, if you use tinted versions, they would also give your brows a hint of color and subtle definition.

Brow Pomade: Brow pomade as a cream-based eyebrow filler is harder to use, that’s why it is recommended to reach out to pomade after you have acquired enough skills in filling in eyebrows using brow pencils and powder application techniques. This type of eyebrow filler provides more saturated color payoff and through its creamy texture gives brows some luxurious shimmer.

Brow Highlighter: This eyebrow product is to finish off your groomed arches. Just a swipe on your under-brow area and it will result in a perfectly brightened-up complexion. This trick is also potent to soften your eyebrows on fleek, making them look more natural.

And now flip through our list of 15 best eyebrow products without one iota of doubt that there is no better way of playing hardball than when you wear all-powerful, groomed eyebrows.

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Pomade

Craving one of the best all-in-one eyebrow fillers? Get this smudge-free, waterproof Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW pomade that will not only define, sculpt and give a hint of shade to your eyebrows, but will also serve as a brow primer. Choose the one tone best corresponding to your complexion and stop at Sephora for your happy shopping.

Best Eyebrow Fillers To Shop Now

2. Glossier Boy Brow

This newly developed creamy tinted wax, inspired by traditional eyebrow pomade is to start a new surge among androgynous gals. The sheer pigment thickens brows, fills them and gives natural color while the tapered brush allows for precise application. And more importantly, all this can be handled within minutes and without much brow-grooming experience under your belt. Choose one of the three shades available and go to Glossier to purchase the most innovative eyebrow filler on our list.

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Pencil

The next goodie standing on our list of the best eyebrow fillers is this ultra-thin brow pencil meant to build hair-like strokes thus super-naturally filling in any sparse or over-plucked areas on your eyebrows. Ranging from taupe and caramel to chocolate and ebony shades, the pencil will work like magic across the board. You can purchase it at Sephora.

4. MAC “Big Brow” Pencil

Want to feel the whole power of “eyebrows on fleek?” Give a try to this Big Brow filler by MAC with a chubby mechanical tip that is just screaming to make your brows even bolder than those of Cara Delevingne. Purchase this precious eyebrow product at Nordstrom and acquire your own pillar of strength.

5. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer

This triangular-tipped brow definer could not but be included in our list of the best eyebrow products ever. It’s super easy to apply – just a swipe to fill in over-tweezed spots and to define your arches in an elegant way while the spoolie end comes to blend the color smoothly for a super-natural effect. Stop at Sephora for another lucrative investment in your killer eyebrows.

6. Charlotte Tilbury “Brow Lift” Three-Way Pencil

Blonde, brunette and redhead ladies alike are to clap hands with glee upon this three-way pencil. The creamy angled pencil itself is to shade eyebrows, fill in sparse areas and give the arches the desired dimension; the mission of the ‘shape’ brush is to blend the color and make brows look perfectly groomed, while the sponge comes in handy for highlighting your brows and creating the illusion of a lift. You can purchase this magic piece at Nordstrom.

Best Eyebrow Fillers To Shop Now

7. Dior “All-in-Brow” 3D Brow Contour Kit

This is Dior’s first ever and the best eyebrow kit to provide your arches a runway-worthy charm. Consisting of two brown shades of powder, a waterproof wax and three expert-level brushes, this 3D eyebrow kit will elegantly fill in your brows, give them some depth and a picture-perfect result for the livelong day. Go to Nordstrom to snap up this eyebrow filler for $52.00.

8. Kat Von D Tattoo Brow

This liquid brow liner with a fine brush tip comes to be as one of the best eyebrow fillers in store, aiming at adding some oomph of color to your natural brows, as well as building and sculpting powerful signature arches. Priced at just $19.00, this tattoo brow is available at Sephora.

9. MAC Brow Definer

Make the life of your brows super diverse using this MAC brow definer assuredly included in our list of the best eyebrow products. Applying this single, budget-friendly pen ($16.50), fling yourself into some curious brow-dressing experience. Whether you want to color and define your arches or give them your desired shape or maybe thicken them to some authoritative level, MAC gives you that all-in-one golden opportunity.Stop at Nordstrom to acquire this eyebrow product.

10. Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel

Need one of the best, fast and furious eyebrow fillers to define your arches in a New York minute? That’s definitely this tinted brow gel by Anastasia Beverly Hills. The cream and gel mixture fills in the brows, gives them signature density and tightness, while the spoolie brush blends effortlessly without any smear or smudge. Shop this treasure at Sephora!

11. Lancome ‘Le Crayon Poudre’ Brow Powder Pencil

Still in a frantic quest for your best eyebrow filler? Here is another offering by Lancome under the guise of a powder pencil that fills in successfully over-plucked areas or just gives some subtle touches to the brows. Available at Nordstrom, this powder pencil offers an ample color spectrum for any complexion out there.

Best Eyebrow Fillers To Shop Now

12. Diorshow Brow Styler

If you are in search for the best brow product to add to your makeup bag, check out this Diorshow brow retractable pencil with an ultra-fine precision tip and easy-to-use spoolie brush. With this single brow filler you can go from natural and effortless eyebrows to more dramatic and outstanding arches. Stop at Sephora to purchase this product!

13. Sephora Collection Retractable Brow Pencils

Priced at just $12.00 at Sephora, this retractable waterproof brow pencil available in the whole six shades, promises to sketch precise hair-like strokes via its always-sharp tip, while the wigtip comb stands for au naturel blending.

14. Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper & Hair Touch-Up

We are confidently ranking this Bobbi Brown cream-gel formula goodie as one of the best eyebrow products in store that is not only meant to give your brows some natural and patrician definition but also serving as a perfect temporary cover-up for your stray greys. Purchase this eyebrow filler at Nordstrom at just $26.00.

15. Benefit Cosmetics Speed Brow Gel

And last but not least in our list of the best eyebrow products is this speed tinted brow gel that requires just several minutes of finger movements to come out as the girl with the best groomed and defined eyebrows in town. Available at Sephora, this brow gel comes in one neutral shade applicable for all complexions.

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Oscar de la Renta and Cynthia Rowley to Show At Australia Fashion Week


Fashion Week’s organizer IMG is sending both Oscar de la Rentaand Cynthia Rowley to the forthcoming Australia Fashion Week, with the help of the fashion week’s newest sponsor Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates. From now on, Ethidad Airways will become the official airline of the fashion week events not only in New York, Milan, London and Berlin, but also Sydney and Mumbai. It will support a grand total of 17 fashion week events annually, becoming the main long-term partner to the fashion industry. As for the Australia Fashion Week’s title sponsorship, it is still going to be that of Mercedes-Benz, which will still sponsor the fashion weeks in the major fashion capitals, except for that at New York.

Oscar de la Renta to Show At Australia Fashion Week 2016

The fashion week in Sydney, on the other hand, is already leaving everybody in anticipation and thrilled about its exclusive schedule. Under the creative direction of the talented Peter Copping, both Mercedes-Benz and Etithad Aieways are supporting fashion house Oscar de la Renta to debut its very first runaway show in Australia, as well as summer 2016 presentation, scheduled to be held on May 20th. Oscar de la Renta will be one of the first luxury brands to present a fashion line there, and that’s something neither the Australian government nor the experts in the field are going to underestimate.

“Oscar de la Renta is one of the world’s leading luxury brands and its presence at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia reinforces Sydney as a global fashion capital. The attention of the fashion world will be firmly focussed on Sydney this May with the most influential buyers and media converging to see our local creative talent and designers make their mark and shine alongside renowned international brands;” said Minister for Trade, Tourism and Major Events Stuart Ayres in an official statement.

Cynthia Rowley, the creative mind behind the eponymous line, is heading to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia too, according to WWD, and will be showing there on May 19th. Although she has not made any comment about her participation yet, we do know that it is going to be a day dedicated to swimwear and activewear. Whilst it is still unclear whether she is going to showcase a new collection or not, IMG gave us a hint that the fashion designer is due to present a resort collection of ready-to-wear, swimwear and wetsuit.

Launched in 1996, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia has helped bring attention to an incredible number of Australian fashion designers such as Alex Perry, Zimmermann and Collette Dinnigan, and we bet this year will inevitably hit it big taking the Australian fashion to a brand new level.

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Is Karl Lagerfeld Leaving Chanel and Retiring?


Karl Lagerfeld, 82, has been the creative director of Chanel for 33 years; it is hard to imagine where the brand would possibly be if it weren’t for him standing behind it all. We would have never had the pleasure of seeing his iconic ponytail on a graphic tee, or of the presence of his cat Choupette in each photoshoot. Luckily, we have known the fabulous traits that come with the designer at the head of a brand as iconic as Chanel, but the rumor mill is kicking back up with word that Karl Lagerfeld might be stepping down from the creative director rule at Chanel, as Page Six informs.

Is Karl Lagerfeld Leaving Chanel and Retiring?

The rumors started circulating with more frequency once Hedi Slimane announced his departure from Saint Laurent, as the two designers have a particularly close working relationship. Speculations were that Lagerfeld might step down to make way for Slimane, which would make sense due to the Chanel designer’s age – but that has never stopped him before.

Back when rumors kicked up on this same topic in 2009, then-New York Times writer Cathy Horyn said, “Mr. Lagerfeld said to forget about it. He was going to die with his boots on.” The same thing happened in 2010, and when it arose again in 2012, VogueTV interviewed Lagerfeld on the matter. “Why should I stop working? If I do, I’ll die and it’ll all be finished,” he said. He has had no sign of slowing down, and there have been a slew of rumors of this same nature, so until confirmation comes from within the brand itself, don’t mind me if I don’t hold my breath.

Although, the thought of Lagerfeld stepping down does make me hope these rumors aren’t yet true. If Chanel were to come back with confirmation, it is likely this year’s Cuban resort show would be his last – not such a bad way to go out, but it would still be quite a shame. There have been a great many departures from luxury fashion labels in the past year (Raf Simons from Dior, Slimane, and Alber Elbaz from Lanvin), yet Lagerfeld would cause for the largest stir in the industry.

The designer has been working for a long time in the industry, so it’s not totally unexpected for rumors like this to be so common. But the unfortunate matter is, one day it won’t be a rumor. But for now, it will be a waiting game for Lagerfeld to come out and announce his departure or denounce the rumor. Either way, we will all be able to breathe a sigh of relief when the waiting is over.

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How to Succeed on Instagram According to Eva Chen


Today, having a strong social media presence is essential if you want to have a successful brand, from either a personal or a business standpoint. Fashion brands are progressing on the digital front, as ad space in magazines continues to diminish in worth; consumers want to see their favorite labels posting promotional shots on a more intimate level, and Instagram has proven itself to be the most successful way to stay in touch with the consumers in this way. The social platform has more than 400 million active users, making it an ideal location for anyone looking to get an image out and seen by many.

How to Succeed on Instagram According to Eva Chen

According to Instagram, 42 million users used the site to connect to fashion in some way, particularly regarding the last set of Fashion Weeks around the world, from February 10 in New York to March 9 in Paris (with London and Milan falling in between). Among the 42 million users, there was a total of 283 million interactions with the uploaded photos. Aside from this, business intelligence firm L2 analyzed the activity of 192 fashion labels on social media, and uncovered a vast difference between consumer engagement on Instagram versus other social media outlets. Between February 1 and 18, Instagram generated 11.5 times more interactions than Facebook, and 57 times more than Twitter. The interactions showed with the number of posts on each platform, which totaled 20 for Instagram, eight for Facebook, and 26 for Twitter.

And that is where fashion businesswoman and current head of Instagram’s fashion partnerships Eva Chen comes in. She arrived in this position after stepping down from The Lucky Group as CEO. With her extensive work on the social media front, she has acquired a great deal of information regardinghow to succeed in the digital world and to run a successful Instagram account. She spoke on the results of the prior analysis, and in few words provided a profound sentiment.

“It didn’t surprise me, just because of the visual element of Instagram,” she began. “A picture is worth a thousand words, and now a picture can speak to millions of people.”

Back on March 15, the social media site told users that the feed of posts would be changing to a format more like the newsfeed of Facebook, Instagram’s parent company. Posts will be presented based on an algorithm, rather than being presented chronologically, which is a move to increase user optimization. This may not have a great effect on fashion brands on Instagram, but the need remains true, that a social media presence is an integral aspect of marketing today. Business of Fashion interviewed Chen, and she was able to identify five key principles that are necessary to create a strong presence on Instagram.

1. Engagement Vs. Followers

“It’s not a numbers game. I feel like the fashion community is especially competitive and brands are looking at each other’s follower counts. But it’s the passion and engagement that people feel for a brand that matters most. That is a key gold star. You can have millions of followers, but more important is whether people are commenting and tagging their friends. That means you’ve created something that people are talking about and that’s what makes a good post.”

The important thing here is to remember your audience. The fans of a brand are not just a number on a page, so creating engaging content for loyal fans and consumers is more significant than creating vague information to bring in new, uninvested followers to increase your ranks.

2. Create Your Personal Style

“Having a strong visual identity and a visual rubric — that’s important. Just as when you pick up a magazine, whether it’s Self Service or Vogue, and you could remove the title from the cover, but you would still know which magazine it was just from the image, the typography, the talent they’re using, the tone of voice — that logic extends to Instagram as well. Feeds that have a very consistent look do well. You want moments of spontaneity and joy, but it’s also about consistency. Mansur Gavriel is a great example of that.”

Any industry where fame and recognition are involved revolves around the idea of building a brand. The “crafting” of the brand identity requires posting and all aspects related to the company to remain consistent.

3. Authenticity Is The Key

“It’s about authenticity. The accounts I love following most all have the sense that there are real people behind them. There was a point in time when things got very manicured, but what I’m seeing now, whether it’s Donatella [Versace] or Taylor Swift or Gigi Hadid singing in grainy videos, taken at home in poor light, is a swing back to authenticity and real life. People want to feel the ‘Insta’ in Instagram. The campaign images always do well, but it’s the behind the scenes where Karlie Kloss is eating a cookie backstage — those are the images that always get more engagement, because you feel like you’re seeing through someone’s eyes.”

Celebrities and designers behind fashion brands (and so on) are real people when all is said and done, and portraying that to the consumers can help establish connections on a more individual, personal basis.

4. Creating a Community

“The Instagram audience wants to feel like they’re a part of something. The conversation is really important — talking back to your followers, asking questions of them. It’s not something that every brand does. But I think Valentino, for example, does this very, very well. When people are in their Rockstuds they’re posting pictures and tagging Valentino and the brand is using a lot of this user generated content, saying to followers ‘Hey, if you post us, we’ll repost you.’ It’s nice because they’re spotlighting how people dress in Valentino. But when Valentino comments on their followers’ feeds, you can legit see people freak out.”

This goes along with authenticity. Keeping things real can help create a community, and starting a conversation is the best way to start; remember to turn your monologue into a dialogue.

5. The Benefits of Collaborations

“We’re in a new age where it’s about collaboration. Gucci is a great example. They do something called #GucciGram, where they collaborate with artists on Instagram. They have a collaboration with a painter named Unskilled Worker. Dries [Van Noten] worked with an Instagrammer named Button Fruit, who hand-painted his show invites. These collaborations are closer to artist residencies, where the reciprocity is more about inspiration and access versus ‘I’ll work with you because you have 9 trillion followers.’ That’s influencer marketing, which a lot of brands are doing extremely well, but that’s always existed.”

Starting the initial conversation can take many forms, such as with the Gucci example Chen provided in her interview. Letting users and fans collaborate in some way can do wonders for relationships and connections, and can prove to help a brand further on down the line.

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