Party Ready: Party in Style


Have you received your black and gold festive invites yet? I’ve seen hosts going big this year with pretty cards and even prettier envelopes! It’s all in the details, they say. Here are some tips to attend your next party in style!

Office Christmas Party
Want to stand out at your formal gathering? Go for strong prints without going overboard. Less is more. I’d complete this look with a dashing Salvatore Ferragamo Medium Batik Tote in red! Don’t arrive empty handed! Bring along champagne or a good bottle of wine!

Christmas Party with Family
Time with family is always warm and fuzzy. Make it a party to remember when you sport the Alexander Wang Diego in photos! Don’t forget to bring an addition to the table. Desserts are definitely a crowd-favourite!

Christmas Party with Friends
Party with your friends in style when you tote a chic Saint Laurent Small Monogramme Bubble Bag in the loveliest festive colour. Gift someone a curated gift set to make their holidays a little sweeter!

Christmas Date with Love
Don’t play coy this Christmas when you’re on a date with your significant other. Pair your outfit around the Mulberry Primrose where you can sneak in a gift for him as well!

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Erdem Pre-Fall 2016 Collection


“I like pre-collections,” Erdem Moralioglu said, in an interview with Vogue when unveiling the Erdem pre-fall 2016 collection. “Something always tends to come out of them that turns into an idea for the runway. But with pre-, I like to think these are kind of timeless dresses.”

Erdem Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

With the release of his pre-fall 2016 collection, Moralioglu definitely succeeded in his goal of creating timeless looks, but also made sure to add in enough modern zest to keep things interesting. He gave us romantic, dark, sensual, and, of course, timeless staples. With pieces hedging into Victorian style, he was able to keep everything modern, which is no small feat.

The brand is now in its tenth year, and is a thriving, yet still growing, empire. Moralioglu can hardly believe it himself, but his eclectic sense of style has hit the ground running in the fashion industry. The care in each garment is apparent, making the clothing much more exciting and authentic, which is perhaps a factor that can be attributed to the booming success.

In the case of the Erdem pre-fall 2016 line, the designer held nothing back; dyed ostrich feathers aren’t exactly something for the faint of heart! Erdem fans everywhere are being treated to an all-out extravaganza for the pre-season, which is something many designers don’t take advantage of. This collection could easily walk the runway at Fashion Week with the proper setting and styling, since the drama keeps things exciting. Seeing this collection feels almost like Christmas came early this year (or, in this case, Fashion Week!)

Moralioglu says he took inspiration in John Singer Sargent, a painter known for his work capturing the upscale women of the Edwardian society, so the Victorian theme in his collection was relevant to his train of thought. On top of that, he carefully chose who to cast for his photoshoot, as he wanted them to all look like sisters. These would have been the women sporting the looks in the 1900s, moving from high-class ball to other social callings, and not much has changed today. Women need outfits to cater their needs for events, as summer, the designer mentioned, is a time for all kinds of events, like festivals, awards presentations, exhibitions of various media, and weddings.

And so, we can see the old-fashioned styles of ruffles and lace coming back to us. Seeing the classic trends being used today will be an exciting prospect for women everywhere, myself included, who have ever seen a photo of a Victorian woman and thought how wonderful it would be to wear such a beautiful piece of art. There is something so enticing about the high-necks and longer hemlines that makes everything a little bit more refreshing.

So maybe we’ll see the bows and ruffles of Edwardian culture replacing the roughness of edge on runways in the future for the little girl inside us who wants to be able to wear these fantastic clothes, I hope so, but it’s more likely this will be a blip on the fashion market. There’s no doubt these clothes will be a hit with fashionistas everywhere, but the trend may not last as long as some of us would like.

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Kim Kardashian’s Newborn Baby Boy Has a Name: Saint West


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have already revealed the name of their newborn baby boy: Saint West! We are utterly flabbergasted. We knew that Kanye had preferred no to go directional with the baby name and all, which is strange enough on its own though the title of Baby North had grown on us with their older daughter, but we were certainly not expecting anyone to name their child Saint.

Saint West Is Kim Kardashian's Newborn Baby Boy's Name

After a bit of research though it appears the Wests are not the only ones who got creative with this. According to the US Social Security databases, in 2014 there were a total of 32 boys named Saint, and a whole lot more (235 in the United States) named Santos, using the Spanish version to the word. Apparently some mothers are really keen on turning their children into the most pious of boys and girls. It is like calling your child Jesus though, in our opinion. Though Saint is not as common as Jesus, especially among the non-Spanish speaking world, you have to admit it has the same effect. From Yeezus comes Saint…. Oh, boy!

We love Kanye and Kim though, the Kardashian-West combination somehow really appealing to all of us. Apparently she is really good for him as well since there is a bright Kanye smile seen so often these days that one could have never imagined before the Armenian diva’s arrival into his life. We have to congratulate the couple on having their second little one and we are sure that Kanye will make as great a dad to his son as he has been to his daughter.

Coming back to Kim Kardashian’s son’s name, in reality it means someone who has been set aside or chosen by God and the process of canonization has been around from long before Christianity itself. In this day and age, sainthood is often associated with Catholicism but there is much more to the word than that. People have named many Saints for different reasons, from martyrdom to exceptional devoutness.

We are wondering if baby Saint will live up to his name of course, but he was certainly given to the family by God, as far as the Christian religion goes. After all, he will grow up in a family where the father is self-proclaimed a god and renamed Yeezus, his 2013 album stirring his fans up and inspiring some to form a new religion called Yeezianity as part of the “Church of Yeezus” as they say. Absurdity it may be, but who are we to judge?

The name was announced on Kim’s website and twitter account with an emoji family and a Saint West exclamation with capital letters and nothing else. While some reactions to the name were encouraging, some were downright funny (with Kim’s face on the image of the Madonna), and the emoji face of Saint Photoshopped onto a mural painting of an actual saint from Byzantine days. Some were surprised, others condescending, but there doesn’t appear to be major aggression against it. It was to be expected. The Kardashians have never gone conventional and Kanye is no stranger to taking on religions for himself.

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Zara Coat Edit – New Woman Editorial AW 2015-2016


The Spanish fashion label Zara introduces a new collection of women’s coats for autumn/winter 2015-16 called “The Coat Edit” – The latest editorial of the brand showcases various lines of ladies’ must-have outerwear especially to refresh the cold season’s wardrobe.

Dedicated exclusively for women, this Zara new coat edition AW 2015-2016 is characterized by simplicity chic and cleanliness in perfect elegant tailoring with the presence of various allures, from classic, retro, ultra-modern and masculine cut borrowed from men’s wardrobe to the casual street-inspired vibe to complete ladies’ everyday wear. From versatile yet cocooning long handmade coats in delicate wool with effortless straight cut silhouette, the brand also brings classic double-breasted British style, retro check pattern or astrakhan effect, boho chic crochet patchwork, cool casual parka, bomber and many other jackets with luxe fur or wool details for a warm yet statement look in every occasion.

Zara Coat Edit AW 2015-2016 #Masculine Elegance

Zara Women's Coat Editorial AW 2015/2016: studio double breasted coat & wool coat with lapels

Effortless masculine accent stolen from men’s closet with a touch of simple yet modern allure for any occasions, the new coats collection of the latest Zara’s Woman Editorials shows cocooning STUDIO DOUBLE BREASTED COAT ($199.00) crafted from chunky wool blend fabrics in warm brownish red or brick. This refined outerwear is featuring elegant tailoring with button fastening closure at front and classic large notched lapels for an elegant straight cut silhouette. For a perfect statement attitude you can wear it with FUNNEL COLLAR TOP ($39.90) in black viscose with stand neck and short sleeves with slit detail to create impeccable chic style throughout the cold season.

Take a look also into the breathtaking allures of the new Gucci GIFTS FOR HER Campaign for Holiday 2015-2016.

Inspired by masculine yet effortless menswear pieces, Zara Coat Edit AW 2015-16 also presents a cozy WOOL COAT WITH LAPELS ($169.00) made of delicate wool mixed fabrics in soft camel brown. This striking outerwear is also featuring oversized fit silhouette with wide patch pockets and button closures at front and cuffs. Inside this fabulous coat you can wear a ladylike satin lace embroidered CROPPED TOP ($49.90) in black transparent nylon fabric to emphasize a fabulous yet flirtatious attitude.

Zara Women's Coat Editorial AW 2015/2016: masculine wool coat red

Bold and vibrant allure, Zara also offers women’s MASCULINE WOOL COAT ($169.00) made from superfine wool in intense red featuring effortless and straight cut inspired by men’s tailoring. Enriched classic with stunning lapels and welt pockets at front, this elegant outerwear looks perfectly fit to wear with cozy SHORT SLEEVE SWEATER (39.00) in navy soft knitted fabrics with slightly turtleneck and short sleeves and cropped hem. Pair it also with MASCULINE TROUSERS (49.90) in navy to give an ultimately cool statement look.

Don’t miss also the New Mango Before Sunrise & After Party Campaign Starring Cara, Kate, Vinnie & Baptiste.

Zara Women’s Coat Editorial FW 2015-2016 #Classic Modern

Zara Women's Coat Editorial AW 2015/2016: long handmade studio coat navy

To strengthen women’s elegant look, Zara suggests a refined LONG HANDMADE STUDIO COAT ($199.00) in navy blue crafted from fine wool with straight lapels, flapped pockets at front and masculine above the knee-length design. This coat looks flawless to pair with a relaxed sailor STRIPED BLOUSE ($49.90) crafted from pure viscose in blue and white stripes with patched flap pockets at front while the cotton HIGH-WAIST BOOTCUT JEANS ($69.90) in navy and chunky LEATHER HIGH HEEL ANKLE BOOTS ($159.90) complete a superb modern look with relaxed accents.

Zara Coat Edit AW 2015-2016 #New British

Zara Women's Coat Editorial AW 2015/2016: double-breasted coat & check wool coat

Enhance your everyday wear closet with retro British style, Zara Women’s Coat Editorial AW 2015-2016 offers timeless elegant tailored suits, a refined double-breasted short coat in cool navy with classic collar and flap pockets or you can also opt a fabulous vintage-inspired modern CHECK WOOL COAT ($49.90) in maroon checkered wool mixed fabrics with stand collar to wear with delicate feminine PEPLUM CHECK SHIRT ($49.90) in matching color featuring ladylike flared three quarter length sleeves and plaited detail at hem. Both of them are perfect options to pair with CROPPED BELL BOTTOM TROUSERS ($39.90) with slim-fitted silhouette for an ultra-modern chic attitude.

Complete your sportswear wardrobe with altimate urban styles of the new Massimo Dutti APRÈS SKI Collection Campaign AW 2015-2016.

Zara Women’s Coat Editorial FW 2015-2016 #Retro Boho Chic

Zara Women's Coat Editorial AW 2015/2016: retro studio astrakhan effect coat & masculine trousers

For a delightful retro and luxe chic vibe, the Spanish clothing label also comes up with a bold and chunky STUDIO ASTRAKHAN EFFECT COAT ($199.00) crafted from mohair, wool and cotton mixed fabrics in navy blue, a flawless element to match the MASCULINE TROUSERS (49.90) in matching tones, From the latest Zara Woman Editorials, what you cannot miss is also a delicate chic fitted coat combined with FUNNEL COLLAR TOP ($39.90) and TAILORED TROUSERS ($49.90) in navy blue for an elegant 70’s silhouette.

Complete your footwear closet with the alluring chic Dolce & Gabbana Mary Janes Shoes 2016 Collection.

Zara Women's Coat Editorial AW 2015/2016: jacket with faux fur hood, trousers with sheer detail

To complete ladies’ wardrobe in the cold season, Zara also brings a classic yet luxurious JACKET WITH FAUX FUR HOOD ($129.00) in shades of beige and caramel which is flawless to pair with TROUSERS WITH SHEER DETAIL ($29.90) in black lightweight fabrics to strengthen a luxe, feminine allure with timeless elegance touch.

Zara Women's Coat Editorial AW 2015/2016: patchwork coat in crochet knit

To bring a gorgeous boho chic mood within the autum-winter, you can also opt for a bohemian-inspired CROCHET PATCHWORK COAT ($189.00) in multicolored cotton while you can also match it with black SHORT SLEEVE SWEATER ($39.90) and BELL BOTTOM JEANS ($49.90) in navy blue featuring seventies-inspired flared legs with ripped and washed effect while the HIGH HEEL ANKLE BOOTS ($159.00) in brown suede complete a distinctive accents to wear these fabulous outfits in every occasion.

Don’t miss also the elgance of miniature design of the latest Nano Lady Dior Bag Collection.

Zara Coat Edit AW 2015-2016 #Casual Cool Daywear

Zara Women's Coat Editorial AW 2015/2016: casual street bomber, jumpsuit, parka jackets

As alternative to the coats, Zara Woman – The Coat Edit AW 2015-2016 also presents an exclusive street-inspired everyday wear. A superb casual BOMBER JACKET ($79.90) in khaki green with metal zip fastener, pockets and elasticized collar, cuffs and hem detail, you can pair it with easy-to-wear LONG JUMPSUIT ($69.90) in navy gentle fabrics to emphasize a playful ladylike attitude. The brand also suggests urban style LONG QUILTED PARKA ($199.00) in black with fur hood paired with retro long-sleeved CHECK DRESS ($39.90) to cover a statement SHINY RIBBED T-SHIRT LEATHER ($22.90) while chunky HIGH HEEL ANKLE BOOTS (159.00) in black leather are among the flawless elements to complete a striking grunge rock mood.

To update your pajamas collection, here are the newest arrivals Oysho Sleepwear Lookbook AW 2015-2016 by Ernesto Artillo.

Defined by cool retro, urban style, classic masculine look and effortless casual attitude, those are among coats and jackets of the latest Zara Women’s Coat Editorial Fall/Winter 2015-16 we presented here with the price list and style guides to update your cold season’s wardrobe. For ladies you can shop other elegant pieces and the new arrivals of the brand

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Olivia Palermo Showcases The Best Holiday Jewelry Pieces


With their vintage-inspired allure, elegant motifs and unconventional designs, Olivia the Palermo x BaubleBar jewelry pieces are the ultimate must-haves for your party outfits. In a stylish advertisement campaign, It girl Olivia Palermo showcases the best pieces from her latest capsule collection for the brand, the sparkling items coming to inject an extra touch of glitz and glamour to any holiday ensemble. Moreover, what’s more exciting about Palermo’s second Baublebar capsule collection is that it is also pretty affordable, with all the pieces retailing under $100.

Olivia Palermo for BaubleBar Holiday 2015 Collection

The campaign also shows creative ways of wearing some of the hottest makeup trendsof the season, such as the dark burgundy matte lipstick, while it’s all about Palermo’s sensual plunging necklines, open-back dresses, sparkling jewelry designs and sophisticated structured shirts that take center stage here. Lensed by Jason Kim, the Olivia Palermo x BaubleBar holiday 2015 campaign would hardly look that picture-perfect if not skillful hairstylist Lacy Redway’s and makeup artist Daniel Martin’s magic touches.

Let’s thus take a closer look at Palermo’s pieces of jewelry, starting off with the necklaces. Meant to be worn both on the front and on the back, Olivia’s way of designing necklaces could be regarded as the opposite of conventional. For this capsule collection, she mainly focused on collars and big gemstones embellishments, such as those used for the Lotus Bib, for the Shapira collar necklace and the Bolo Collar. While the latter two pieces are meant to adorn deep V-necklines, giving any outfit a delicate touch of femininity thanks to their crystal-covered silhouettes, the Lotus Bib necklace is the perfect piece of jewelry for any backless dress or shirt, meant to be paired with a messy bunny or a vintage retro updo and a matte dark-colored lipstick.

Most of these statement necklaces will also look great combined with some of Palermo’s earrings, the asymmetry and delicacy of which give an unconventional and stylish touch to the overall collection.

If you are planning on wearing an elegant outfit and a retro updo, you could opt for BaubleBar’s Jailbird Ear Cuffs or the asymmetrical Falkor Ear Crawlers in bright colors and with clear lines that will immediately enhance anyone’s face with a touch of glamour. As for the Falkor Ear Crawler, you could try combining it with the Bolo Collar, playing with asymmetry as Olivia Palermo herself has done in one of the lookbook’s most stunning pictures.

Olivia Palermo for BaubleBar Holiday 2015 Collection

For your more formal parties try considering the Garbo Drops or the Icestorm Drop Earrings available in metallic colors that will also perfectly match next season’s main trends (and could be flawlessly worn at any night out with your friends too).

Of course, the collection doesn’t end here. It goes all the way down with some gold Billow Cuffs, vintage brooch sets and Cirrus golden earrings that could be worn from day to night. Furthermore, if you like ear cuffs and dangling earrings, the Olivia Palermo x BaubleBar Christmas 2015 collection will overwhelm you with plenty of colorful jewelry designs that will shine on the background of a monochrome outfit.

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Why Replica Handbags Are So Cheap


very time I find some new replica Bags online store that has numerous high quality pictures of very beautiful fake handbags that look incredibly authentic, I ask myself “Why are replica handbags so Cheap?” If these are so gorgeous and have such an original appearance then what is the difference? What are the differences in terms of price and quality that set apart an imitation purse from the real product?

Well, the price of any product is influenced by the materials used and by the complexity of the work needed for making it. It is the same thing for a replica handbag. Its retail price is a consequence of the costs involved with manufacturing it. Below I will explain the main factors that determine the prices of fake purses, the reason why these are so cheap.


The first thing you must understand about an imitation handbag is that no matter how authentic looking it may appear to be and how beautiful it may seem, it is made from materials that are considerably inferior to the ones used on authentic bags. Most luxury designers prefer to manufacture their purses from very rare materials such as snake skin, crocodile leather or even fur and decorate them with gold, silver, gems, bamboo or other unusual materials. The more expensive and rare these fabrics are the more exclusivist and sought after the bag is. A replica handbag will never be made from such materials. Most of them are crafted from faux leather and have that cheap shine and feeling.

Another thing is that fake bags are made in sweatshops by amateurs that do not possess the necessary skills to manufacture a flawless purse. The original products are crafted by artisans that have a life time of experience in making high end bags. The majority of designers prefer their purses to be hand-made by just one craftsman. This way they are more certain about the degree of quality of that particular product.

Furthermore, even if a replica bag seems to look pretty authentic, this is just a very deceiving first impression. It may look overall ok, but if you start examining it closely you will discover many design mistakes. This is because replica manufacturers do not invest money in designs or making their own patterns for the replica bags, patterns that are as accurate as possible. They simply copy whatever they find on the market.

It is a well-known fact that you can find replica handbags for $50 in any market in China or Thailand. The replica bags websites you find online sell the same products, just that the retail price is higher. Why is that? For profit, what else? They buy the fake bag from a sweatshop and they post it on their site with a considerably higher price. The difference is in the income they make. Of course, for you this price might seem like a real bargain considering the price of the authentic purse, but in comparison with what it costs the replica merchant to get the product it is outrageous.

So there you have it, the reason why replica handbags are so cheap. It is a matter of offering something that appears to have an authentic look, but it is actually of a lower quality in terms of aesthetics and materials.

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