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Finding a reputable replica bags store is never an easy task. There are so many websites online claiming to sell the best quality fake purses, to offer the lowest prices, the most friendly services and satisfactory guarantees that it becomes almost impossible to differentiate the scams from the trustworthy ones. Still, there are a couple of ways you can find and identify the reputable imitation handbags websites.

If an online site has ever delivered a bad replica purse then be sure to find a mention of this on the numerous forums, blogs and social sites dedicated to knockoffs. Here, shoppers from across the globe post their experience and advise other customers on what are the most trusted stores, the best places to find affordable fake bags and what to avoid when placing an order online. It is actually the best way for you to find the reputable companies because you can’t always trust what the websites claim to offer, but if 10 different people say the same thing then you can be sure that it is true.

Forums are the first thing you must check. Here, you can sometimes find very thorough and detailed reviews of other shopping experiences, posted by people who have ordered replica bags online. But most of them are quite short and serve as a form of expressing their satisfaction or dissatisfaction. These are usually accompanied by numerous answers from other users who help build a better and clearer view of the company’s reputability.

Blogs are normally moderated by just one person who posts his or her opinion about fake purses companies, but has the great advantage of gathering many comments from other people who have ordered replica bags from those stores. The actual reviews are quite detailed and talk about the most important parts of ordering online from a fake purses company. Things like website usability, prices, delivery, payment, warranty and customer service are explained to us from a customer’s point of view. It provides an excellent picture for the level of professionalism and product quality you will be receiving if you choose to order from the reviewed stores.

Social sites usually host communities that have a certain interest. For replica handbags fans it is a great place where to chat and share tips, opinions and tricks for finding reputable replica bags stores. Others who have the same worries as you do can tell you what online sites they’ve tried and if they were satisfied with the services and products they’ve received. Everyone contributes with a little bit insight into the fake purses industry.

If you know how to find reputable replica bags stores then the satisfaction of your purchase is a sure thing. Just follow the above guidelines and make sure you avoid those shady stores that could turn your purchase into a real nightmare.

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Replica Handbags Store In Discounts

If you are like me then you are constantly looking for beautiful and fashionable designer replica bags to enrich your style and wardrobe. You can never have enough purses, right? And designers are always tempting us with more and more fabulous new designs. How could we resist? So, my dear stylish ladies, join me in another review for a replica bags store that promises to deliver high quality luxury replica purses at very reasonable prices-

The website looks ok to me. This is the first thing we should check out at a fake bags online site- if it looks professional or not. You can spot an amateur from miles away. doesn’t look impressive, but it is not unaesthetic either. It has a simple black layout with sliding banners and a few sponsored products. The menu is pretty simple. It includes only a few buttons for the most important brands. When you roll the cursor over one of these buttons there is no drop-down list to show you the available sub-categories. Just by click on one of the brands, a new page loads, presenting in the left side a list with the available collections and the other designers that can be purchased on this site.

The company carries bags, shoes, belts and wallets. The collection of fake purses is very impressive. There are many different designs included, but there isn’t a way of sorting them. This is an inconvenience because there are 10 pages of Louis Vuitton bags alone so, as you could imagine, finding the desired model will take a considerable amount of time.

All the prices are in GBP and these vary depending on the size of the product, the materials used and the complexity of the design. The wallets cost about 60 GBP, the handbags cost 100-250 GBP and the larger travel bags are over 250 GBP. These prices are pretty ok considering that the original purses cost $2000 or more.

I think that it is very important for a replica bags seller to have very good quality pictures, pictures that show how accurate is the design of the purses and how durable and beautiful are the materials used. I don’t think that is aware of this fact as it uses images from different catalogs. Some products have just one photo with a white background- no additional pictures are available. And other knockoffs have about 2-3 photos that show the front, the bottom and the interior of the purse- the background is gray. I’m not sure why the store is using two different sets of images, but because of this I don’t feel very confident about the quality of the products.

Fortunately, the website features very good product descriptions. These are not very complex, but surprisingly detailed and suggestive. They mention everything you need to know about the craftsmanship, size, materials, hardware and accessories that come with each fake bag.

After you checkout of the Shopping Cart, the page says that it takes Visa and JCB card payments. I was a little bit disappointed to read this because I don’t approved of online stores that can process only card payments. Shortly after, I was even more surprised to discover that only Visa is available in the Payment Details Form and that this page isn’t a secured processing interface. It is a regular page, part of the merchant’s website. I do not recommend that you put your credit card info on such an unsecure form. offers free delivery all around the world. There are no shipping charges no matter how many products you have in your order or where you want the bags delivered. I think this is really great. You got to admit that when you are buying a replica purse online, you are looking to save as much money as possible and shipping is quite costly so when you find a store that doesn’t charge you for delivery you feel like you have just received an incredible discount. Supposedly, the packages are shipped with EMS, DHL, FEDEX or UPS and the delivery takes about 3-7 business days.

The company offers a 180 days free repairs warranty that covers any manufacturing defects you might notice on your replica bag. Additionally, you also have the possibility of returning the product during the first 14 days from the delivery if you aren’t happy with the quality or with the design. You are entitled to either a refund or an exchange. Of course, all the return costs must be paid by you and a $20-$40 shipping and handling fee will be charged.

When it comes to customer service, isn’t very professional. You probably know by now that when you are ordering a replica bag online, communication is the most important thing to ensure the satisfaction of your order. For this to be possible, you need a quick and friendly way of contacting the store, like a phone number or a live chat. Well, this website only has a Gmail address and a Contact Form. There are no other ways of speaking to its representatives.

We know that we are buying replica bags and that we can’t expect the same level of quality for the products and services we receive, but we still deserve the best – even on the replica market. Is the best? Let’s see! It has a large selection of designer bags, shoes, belts and wallets, reasonable prices, free worldwide delivery and a 180 repairs warranty, but it does not have a responsive customer service, it only takes Visa cards and the payment form page isn’t secure, and the quality of its product pictures is quite low.

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Replica Designer Handbags

If you are not familiar with the concept, „AAA replicas” refers to the highest quality of fake handbags available on the market. A very strong and demanding name for any company, but isn’t intimidated by this challenge. It is eager to convince us that it is the best store in town and that it has all it takes to deliver the best quality replica bags.

Its website is a pleasant surprise. It is very different than what we are used seeing on the usual fake purses online sites. It is not plain, blunt or dull like those pages that have a black, white or gray base appearance. takes its chances with a lively purple color scheme with nice flower embellishments. The website looks very friendly and is also quite easy to use as it does not have many interactive features or complicated buttons. There are just two menu bars- one on top with links for browsing the collection by Product, Designer and Style, and a more detailed menu on the left side of the page with a long list of available brands.

The collection is quite large and diversified. There are many famous brands available and the largest ones are organized into collections. Unfortunately there isn’t an Advanced Search available, but I’m not really sure that one is needed. Each collection includes just a couple of pages with replica handbags because even though the website has a high diversity of brands, the models aren’t endless. The company prefers to list just the most popular designs and not annoy us with a collection that is too large to be browsed entirely.

I find the prices acceptable. The company sells wallets and bags. The wallets cost about $100-$150 while the bags cost about $150 to $350 depending on the size, popularity and fabrics used on the purse. If you run a quick search online and compare these prices with the ones of other stores selling similar replicas, you will see that the prices are about the same.

The interesting thing about the pictures is that these aren’t professional photos. And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. On the contrary, it shows that this company has its own stock and that it actually took pictures of its own replica bags and posted them on the website. It clearly proves that what you see in the pictures is what you get and, honestly, judging by the photos these fake bags appear to be quite beautiful and very authentic looking.

As opposed to the photos, the description of the products is terrible. It is written in broken English and it is quite difficult to understand. Luckily, if you know a thing or two about these designer bags you will be able to read between the lines and get the main technical specifications.

The most fascinating thing about ordering from is that you get a discount depending on the number of items you buy. I discovered this in the Payment section of the order form where I saw that Western Union, Visa and Mastercard payments are available. If you pay by Western Union you can enjoy the following discounts: 10% for 1 product, 15% for 2 products, 25% for 3 products or 30% for 5 products or more. If you pay by credit you get 5% off for 1 product, 10% off for 2 products or 15% off for 3 products. can deliver your package to any country in the world. The usual delivery time is 5 to 14 business days. The delivery is free to USA, Australia and France while for other countries the fee may vary between $10 and $50. The orders are shipped with EMS, DHL or FEDEX and all of them have a tracking number. Also, the company guarantees the delivery. If the package is lost or seized then they will reship it.

The store offers 30 days return policy. This policy clearly states that you must contact the company within the first 15 days if you wish to return an item for a refund or exchange, but you have until the end of the first 30 days to send the product back. Another important thing is that the replica bag must be unworn. If you wear a fake purse that you want to send back then the return guarantee will be void. And let’s not forget that the customer must pay all the return costs.

The website says that offers Customer Care from 9 Am to 5 PM, Monday to Friday. And what are the available contact methods? Well, the company can be reached only by using a Contact Form included on the page. It does not provide a phone number, email address or live chat. I guess this is not because it is not a trustworthy merchant, but rather because it is based in China and doesn’t have any agents that can have a decent English conversation. is a replica bag store that takes a different approach, one that I really appreciate. It offers numerous different brands, but each one has a strict selection of the most popular models ever launched. The prices are quite fair and the product pictures are not made by a professional photographer, but by someone from the company with a normal camera. This proves that it delivers what you see online, that you can trust the quality of its products. It also delivers worldwide and it takes both credit card and Western Union payments. The only downsides are that it does not have a professional customer care department and that the return guarantee is void if you wear the bag.

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The Highest Quality Replica Bags

I like very much I like its looks because it has a very modern design, a very well organized and clean homepage enhanced by beautiful banners and attractive pictures. You don’t get to see that often a replica handbag store that knows how to allure its customers into the beauty and diversity of its collection, but this one right here is very skillful. It is aware that appearance matters greatly in this business, and when you have a professional look, the customer can be easily convinced that this is the best store for buying high quality fake purses.

Of course, the website is very easy to use and user friendly. To start browsing through the products, you can use the top menu bar which includes buttons to just 9 brands. You see, this company isn’t about overwhelming you with an endless list of brands and different designs, but more about offering you what you need- the best-selling purses that were ever made. The company carries more than just bags. It also offers coats, backpacks, wallets, belts and shoes. Each brand is divided into subcategories, such as Coats, Bags and Wallets. Finding the desired model isn’t at all difficult because in the left side of the screen there is an Advanced Search bar that helps you locate it by using a color and price filter.

The prices for these bags are pretty affordable. Most of the replicas cost about $200-$350, but there are a couple of models that can reach $500. This isn’t such a high price if you consider the fact that these fakes are made from real leather, have high quality hardware and all the authentic logos and markings. Plus, most replica handbags websites offer the same prices for their products. This is just a fraction of the price of the original purses, and the quality and design are very similar.

The photos are also very beautiful. Each replica handbag has numerous good quality images that show its various sides, markings and details. The really neat thing is that these photos do not appear to be professional pictures, but rather photos taken with an amateur camera in the company’s warehouse. This makes us feel more confident about the quality of these fake purses because, honestly, the products seem to be very authentic looking.

The product description isn’t very rich, but it is quite relevant. It is a schematic presentation of the most important particularities of these knockoffs. Things like materials, handles type, hardware, compartments and accessories are mentioned with the purpose of making us understand how nice these replicas are. accepts only credit card payments- Visa, Mastercard and JCB. The store isn’t able to offer any other alternatives to card payments, which isn’t a very good thing. Usually it takes a very professional and stable company to provide numerous different types of payments to its customers, because only a stable business understands how important it is to be accessible to all customers.

The store can deliver packages all around the world in about 5- 14 business days, depending on your destination country. Of course, let’s not forget that it also needs about 1-2 business days to prepare your order for dispatch. The packages are shipped with EMS or Fedex and a tracking number will be available. And the best thing about its delivery policy is that it is completely free. The company does not apply a charge for delivering your order.

All orders can be returned within the first 7 days from the delivery for a refund or exchange. The issue here is that you can’t return the item for any given reason. A replica bag can be sent back only if it was sent incorrectly or defective. If you aren’t happy with the color, size or other subjective aspects, the company will not consider issuing a refund or replacing it. Another thing is that the customer must pay all the costs of returning the merchandise and that a 5% restocking fee will be charged for all products that were sent back.

I don’ know what your opinion about Customer Service is, but from my point of view it is one of the most important things when ordering stuff online. Good customer care can make the difference between a satisfactory purchase and a disastrous one. You need to be able to contact the company at any time and for this to be possible, the website should be easy to reach by phone, chat and email. Sadly, offers customer service only by email. You can contact the store just by sending a message using the Contact Form from the site or its Gmail address.

If you are looking to buy more beautiful replica bags, meant to enrich your style and wardrobe, then you should consider This company has a diverse and beautiful selection of fake designer purses at very decent prices, it offers free worldwide livery, very good product pictures and a 7 days refund policy. The only negative aspects are related to the lack of alternatives to card payments and the absence of professional customer services.

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Payment Deceptions – Credit Card

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Credit Card Fraud

The truth is that buying a fake handbag on the Internet implies a lot of things that need to be carefully considered. Paying with your credit card is one of them. Credit card payments are, without a doubt, one of the most used and popular payment forms for ordering products online. Using a card is easy, secure and fast- or at least this is how it should be when you are buying replicas from a reputable store. Here is what you should know about paying with your card on an Internet shop:


  • Most banks will always decline transactions between their customers and a company that was flagged as fraud. This is a security measure designed to keep you protected from possible scams. Still, if you trust the store and you really want to comlete the order, you can simply call your bank and they will process the payment as you have requested.
  • Within the first 6 months from placing an order that was paid online with a credit card, you can contact your bank to dispute the payment. They will then investigate the case and make everything possible to return your funds if you are the victim of a scam company.
  • You won’t believe how different is the way replica handbags stores treat those customers who have paid by card compared to the ones that paid by money transfer. The explanation for their different attitude is that they know that, at any time within the first 6 months, you can call your bank and reverse the payment.
  • Paying by credit card is so much flexible, easy and fast than sending money by Bank Wire, Money Gram or Western Union.


  • There are many replica handbags online sites that appear to be professional and reputable stores, but the truth is that these websites were created just to look decent and liable. Their goal is to convince you to put your credit card information on their page and once they achieve it, they won’t ship your order and, most probably, they will use your details fraudulently.
  • Be on the lookout for fake purses sites that do not have the https on the payment page. Why is that? The https means that the page is secured by a security certificate which confirms that the data you are entering will not be hacked by anyone. When a page doesn’t have this security certificate or if the security certificate has expired it can be easily accessed by other Internet users who won’t stop at nothing to use your data illegally.

My advice for all of you, replica handbags shoppers, is to be very careful when you are ordering fakes online, especially if you are paying with a credit card. Choose the store very carefully and consider all the above tips before submitting the order. These guidelines can make the difference between a satisfactory purchase and a huge disappointment.

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Best Designer Handbags

I am sure that you are looking for a new stylish and functional designer bag, one that will go very nicely with this season’s outfits. Lucky for you, today I have decided to find out more about and share everything with my readers. Are you curious to find out what styles of fake bags it carries, what are its prices and the quality? Continue reading.

I like very much the design of It shows a great concern for its image and for the way its customers react and interact with the site. Starting with the homepage, everything is quite simple, elegant and user friendly. The color scheme is composed of light colors, the sliding banner features simple and stylish images and the few color accents that are present on the site are mostly red tones. Everything about its aesthetics speaks about a well dozed elegance, one that convinces us that this online store is an excellent source for high quality replica handbags.

I am not a huge fan on Internet stores that sell an endless number of brands. I am confident that reputable shops need to select wisely the available replica products and offer just the ones that have the best quality. This is why; the fact that sells just 13 brands isn’t such a huge inconvenience for me. The collection seems to be pretty diverse and inclusive. It has all the important designers and the models listed are some of the most popular in the world. Plus, the company doesn’t carry just fake purses. It also offers wallets, belts and shoes. And by the looks of it, the number of available items per each brand is really impressive. Just the Louis Vuitton category has over 2,000 different models.

If you want to know what are the prices of these replica handbags then you will be happy to find out that these are affordable to any given budget. These fake purses can cost from $100 up to $500. This considerable price difference is influenced by the complexity of the model, choice of materials, quality of the hardware and the type and number of compartments. Of course, the most affordable products from the bags collection are the clutches and wallets which cost about $100. The purses in medium size are $100-$250, the large products cost $250-$400 and the extra-large luggage is $400-$500.

A quick look at the pictures of these products will tell you that the company has invested a lot of time and money into making such clear and beautiful photos. The most important thing is the high clarity of the images accentuated by the white background. This helps us see the most important details of the imitation handbags. Of course, the fact that the products were photographed from all important angles, inside and outside, also contributes to the company’s goal of providing very accurate and clear representations of its knockoffs.

On the website we also find very informative and easy to comprehend descriptions for these replica purses. The technical specifications aren’t that detailed, but they do mention all the important information about the functionality, materials, sizes and design of the bags.

On the Order Form I was surprised to see that there are two options that at least for me mean the same thing. Option number one says “Credit Card Payment 1”, but it does not say that credit card types it takes and how is it different than option number two- “Credit Card Payment 2” which has the logos for Mastercard, Visa and JCB. My main concern is regarding the fact that the page where you are supposed to enter your card details isn’t a https one. This means that it isn’t secure and that the data you are entering isn’t protected from hackers or similar threats.

The company provides two delivery options to its customers. The first one and also the most tempting one is Free Shipping. By choosing it, you agree to have your package delivered by registered mail in about 10-25 business days. The second option is Standard shipping which costs between $25 and $50, depending on the delivery country. These orders are shipped with EMS, the usual delivery time is 7-10 business days and a tracking number will also be provided. provides a 7 days return policy. If you have received an order from the company and you aren’t happy with the company then you must contact its Customer Care department before the first 7 days run out. You can choose to get a refund or an exchange. But let’s not forget that the customer is the one who must pay all the shipping back expenses and that these are usually pretty high.

The company says on its website that it sells replica handbags for over 6 years. I honestly do not understand how they managed to stay this long on the market without having a professional customer service department. I really do not thing that any website can build a good relationship with its customers without having excellent customer Services. And this implies being able to attend its customers by phone, live chat and email. doesn’t have a phone number or live chat. It can be reached only by Contact Form or by using a Gmail account.

It is my honest opinion that is the kind of fake purses online site that knows how to appear professional and reputable, but it also has a couple of shortcomings. The positive arguments for buying from this company are the friendly and beautiful website, clear product pictures, large collection of products, fair prices, free shipping and the 7 days return policy. And now let’s see the negative ones- the lack of a responsive customer care department, not offering a free repairs warranty and not having a security certificate on its credit card processing page.

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