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Gucci Soho Bag Front

One of my newest bags’ obsessions is the Gucci Soho. This is one of the latest additions on the original Gucci website and it features a unique style and an enhanced functionality, representing the perfect city bag. Remarkably, the purse is designed with simple lines, few aesthetic embellishments and a pronounced sense of versatility. It is the classic example of contemporary bag created to serve both our style and carrying needs.

Fake Gucci Soho Side

When I first decided that I must have this bag, I was blinded by its beauty and did not complete my research work on its design specifications. I only knew that I wanted a medium size Gucci Soho replica and started browsing online for a replica store that could supply a nice version at a decent price. In the meanwhile, I have discovered a thing or two about this model and I have realized that my purchase is a huge fail. Let me explain. Gucci makes this model only in metallic leather, regular leather, metallic python leather and denim. When I submitted my order for the Gucci Soho replica, I didn’t know that. This is why I have ordered a Gucci Soho made from brown ebony canvas. Now, that I have received the fake purse, I am highly disappointed as such version does not exist. I can’t actually wear the bag because everyone will be able to tell that it is a fake. Still, I must admit that this was entirely my fault. I am the one that did not research the bag correctly and this is why I am going to review it comparing every design detail to the one of the original product.

Gucci Soho Big Logo

The particularity of the Gucci Soho is represented by the embossed interlocking G letters logo and the tassel detail. It is a considerably spacious shoulder bag and it is available in two different sizes: large and medium. The large size measures 16.5″W x 14.2″H x 8.3″D while the medium one is 13.8″W x 11.4″H x 6.7″D. I find the medium version pretty big so the large one seem huge to me. This is why I can’t comprehend how many things you need to carry with you in order to justify buying the larger one. Also, the handles are available in leather or metallic chains. I like the leather handles best as I find the chain ones slightly uncomfortable and rigid, especially if you need the bag for carrying heavy things.

Replica Gucci Soho Side

My Gucci Soho replica bag in brown ebony canvas is medium size. It is quite spacious and I could fit in many of my work and personal stuff without problems. The canvas fabric feels quite authentic and high quality, as it has a firm, but smooth texture without casting that exaggerated shine that we usually see at cheap replicas. Right in the center front part of the knockoff there is the iconic interlocking G letters logo in brown leather, also stitched with brown threads. The logo doesn’t seem to have any visible defects or loose threads, but it is slightly different than the logo we find on the original Gucci Soho. The G letters should be more contracted and narrow, but on the replica these are clearly rounder and more spaced apart.

Gucci Soho Close Up

If we study the shape of the bag, we find other differences between the original purse and the replica. For example, the authentic Gucci Soho has a rectangular shape with a wider base, while the sides are slightly contracted and make elegant creases. The exterior margins of the front and back sides of the purse are outlined by a double-stitched line. This accentuates the shape of the Soho bag and offers a nice refinement to its whole design. The replica doesn’t have this shape or the stitching details. The replica is just a simple square shaped purse.

Gucci Soho Inside Tag

On each side of the original bag, on the top part of the double-stitched margins there are two rectangular leather tabs that connect to a metal ring which holds an end of the leather handles. On the replica bag, the leather tabs sewn on the body of the purse are thicker and shorter, but what I must admit is that the quality of the leather is pretty decent. The leather handles are arched and have a considerable length, allowing you to comfortably carry the bag on your shoulder.

 On one of the metal rings that connect the handles to the body of the purse, there is the second detail that differentiates the Soho bag from the other Gucci Purses of its kind: the leather tassel. This is made from the same type of leather as the rest of the bag and features a metallic top from where the numerous strings start to flow freely. The fake bag manages to imitate this detail pretty nicely.

Gucci Soho Replica Bag Close Up

The Gucci Soho has a natural beige cotton linen lining that looks quite beautiful and simplistic. Surprisingly, my replica bag has the same type of textile lining and in the correct color. Also, at the interior there are a zip pocket and two smart phone pockets. The bag doesn’t have a zip closure; instead it has a hook closing system. The Soho fake bag has a center pocket that isn’t available on the original bag- it separates the interior of the purse in two sections and it closes with a zipper that protects your important belongings.

Just like the authentic bag, the Gucci Soho replica has a leather tab placed under the interior zipper pocket and this tag is embossed with the circled large R letter, “GUCCI” and “made in Italy”, each one on a separate row.

The Gucci Soho bags are available with silver and gold color hardware and each piece of metal is stamped with the Gucci name or logo. My replica has a nicely crafted yellow gold hardware with a very authentic look. I have also checked all the metal parts and these are all embossed with the brand’s name, including the protective metal feet.

There is no woman on earth that isn’t fascinated by the elegance and style of the beautiful Gucci bags. The brand’s newest success is represented by the launch of the modern and fashionable Soho line. This contemporary bag is perfect for all city gals that want to have a twist of luxury and functionality. If you are considering buying a Gucci Soho replica then you must be careful at all the aesthetic details and avoid making the mistake I did: ordering a bad fake.  Simply, read the above tips and you will surely manage to identify a perfect Gucci Soho replica!

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How can you make the difference between a reputable replica store and one that is faking it? How can you tell if companies such as are trustworthy or just very skillful at pretending to be a reliable source of high quality imitation purses? There are a few indicators for the reputability of a fake purses company and you will find all of them below.

I am very fond of online stores that seem to be aware of how important it is to have a nice looking website. Luckily, is one of these companies. It has a very fresh, clean and modern webpage. Its appealing design reveals a wide sliding banner that features some of the latest designs, a very simple menu bar and a white background. This online store is a plain as it gets, but in a good way. Its basic appearance is balanced by the high usability and elegant details.

The company sells bags, belts and shoes. Obviously, its collection is very diverse and it manages to include numerous famous designers, such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Hermes and Prada. Many others are available in the menu bar, and each brand is nicely divided into sub-collections. When you roll the cursor over one of the categories, you see a large list of sub-collections unfold. From here, you can very easily start browsing the desired products.

Each collection features many different models, some of the bestselling designs to ever be launched on the market. Also, these are very numerous, but there is no advanced filter to retrieve just the replicas that meet your budget and design requirements. The only thing we can do is to sort the items by price or by name and go through all of them until we find the most suitable ones.

Most replica bags available at are very affordable. A large part of the purses cost about $160-$250. The ones that are pricier are the larger luggage bags and these cost about $300-$500 depending on the size, number of zippers and pockets. From my point of view, these imitations have very decent prices considering their quality and design accuracy.

The description page of these replica bags is very nicely constructed. It is a very comprehensive, and it represents a detailed presentation of the most important particularities, functions, materials and aesthetic embellishments of these knockoffs. All of them are very well organized and explained as to offer a clean and reliable description of the quality available for these imitation purses.

On the bottom of the page it says that the accepted payment methods are Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express, but on the Payment page it says that it can process only Visa, Mastercard and Western Union, where Western Union orders get a 15% discount. Only that, after checking out, the Order Form shows two options: “Card Payment Option 1” and “Card Payment Option 2” without saying what each one means. This is very unprofessional and I feel that not respecting the statements you make on the website about the available payment options is a clear sign that your company cannot be trusted.

If the order is over $89 then the store can offer free delivery by registered mail and in this case the estimated delivery time is 15-30 business days. That is a lot of time to be waiting for a replica bag thinking whether you will ever going to receive it and if it is the quality is good or not. If the order is less than $89 then the shipping fee is $20. If you want to speed up the delivery and receive the order by UPS in 4 to 10 days then you can pay an extra charge of $25. This will ensure the speedy and safe delivery of your order as well as a tracking number for it so you can follow its progress online.

It seems that the company offers a 60 days refund and replacement warranty. The only accepted reasons are quality defects. If you are not happy with some aesthetic details of the replica then the company will not accept your return. Furthermore, all return fees must be paid by the customer. The refund will be issued using the same payment method as for the initial transaction. There is no word about offering a repairs warranty and before ordering a replica bag from this company, I recommend that you check with them what happens if the bag breaks after the first 60 days.

The images are very clear and of very high quality, but each replica has only one or maximum two pictures. These do not have a watermark and show only the front side of the bag and the inside. I like the fact that you can zoom in on the photo and see the finer details. Still, this does not compensate for the fact that it does not have more pictures showing the different sides of the bags, as well as the various interior compartments, zippers and tags.

The company fails to pass as a reputable and professional retailer of high end designer replica handbags and this is mainly because of the poor customer service it has. A reliable store knows the value of customer service and it invests time and effort into supplying a customer care department that is available by phone, email and live chat. These communication channels are essential for keeping an open and close relationship with your customer and potential shoppers. The website does not have a contact phone number, a company email address or a chat button. It only offers the option of sending a message using the Contact Form available on the website or sending an email at a very unprofessional Gmail account.

When you are dealing with online replica merchants, it is very easy to be fooled by a pretty looking website, low prices, beautiful pictures and the promise of free delivery. Usually, only upon a close look you discover that the free shipping means a slow delivery time, the beautiful pictures show only a side of the bag, but not the numerous other angles, and the pretty looking website is meant to compensate the lack of customer service, the incoherent payment policy and the unfair return guarantee. Before you order, pay attention to all the details and this will protect you from all the possible risks of ordering a replica online.

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Fendi 3Jours White Tote

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Genuine Fendi-MilkWhite-3Jours-Tote-Bag-Front

One of the newest designs from Fendi is the Fendi 3Jours White Tote bag. This is actually a slightly modified version of the very popular Fendi 2Jours Tote. A simple and elegant design with refined and sleek lines, the Fendi 3Jours purse has a contemporary appearance due to its ample sides. When comparing it to its previous version, we notice that it offers extra comfort thanks to its longer handles and wider winged sides.

Replica Fendi 3Jours Front

I am a huge fan of large tote purses that have an elegant and refined appearance. This is why I love so much the looks of the Fendi 3Jours. It keeps it simple without compromising its natural sophistication. Like any other large size bag, it is very practical and suited for a very active and fulfilling lifestyle where you must jungle your personal life with your professional one, and everything in between. From shopping, taking your kids to the park to important business meeting, this impeccable purse will be right there with you, prepared to accommodate all your essentials. And let’s not forget, it is a bag that is very easy to carry around due to its longer handles which feel very natural on your shoulder.

Fendi 3Jours Replica Handbag Logo

This Fendi 3Jours White Tote is one of my newest replica purses.  It was bought online a couple of weeks ago and it has just arrived in the mail. At first, I wasn’t sure that choosing a combination of white and butter would be right for me, but now after actually seeing the bag I feel more and more confident in my decision. The grainy textured white leather that is used for the front and back side of the purse are nicely contrasted by the smooth buttery winged sides. Just like the original one, the bag is made from calf leather which creates a beautiful sense of sturdiness and helps the purse stand by its own without any creases, even when it is empty.

Fendi 3Jours Buttom

When the winged sides are tucked in, the bag looks very elegant and sleek, but when these sides are extended the overall look of the purse changes into a more practical and casual one. This is a very nice feature of the Fendi 3Jours White Tote replica as it allows you to accommodate large items and comfortably carry them around. It is the detail that offers functionality to this design and classifies it as a must bag.

Fendi 3Jours Tote Knockoff

Just like the authentic bag, this Fendi 3Jours replica has a snap tab closure. I am not too fond of bags that do not have a zipper closure and this implies certain vulnerability for your belongings, but at least the purse has an interior zip that is considerably large and can protect your most prized possessions. Furthermore, it also has two interior phone pockets and a removable luggage tag. By all means, it is a very modern bag designed for fashionable and powerful women.

Fendi 3Jours Replica Bag Interior

All Fendi 3Jours bags come with a suede lining at the inside, usually in a different color than the outside. The 3Jours line is based on contrasts and this implies both colors and fabrics. This is why at the outside we find robust white calf leather while at the inside there is a smooth brown suede fabric. The Fendi authenticity leather tags located at the interior of the bag are made from the same material as the winged exterior sides: white leather. There is one wide leather tag stitched all around and embossed with the Fendi name in the lower right side, and a small leather tag on the inner side of the bag.

Fendi 3Jours Tote Inside

The Fendi 3Jours replica bag is stitched with white threads at the outside and brown threads at the inside. This stitching is done in a color closer to the one of the dominating fabric. This keeps the clean look of the bag while accentuating its natural beauty. Also, all the stitches are carefully made, even spaced apart and without any loose threads or imperfections.

Fendi 3Jours Bag Imitation Close Up

The hardware is all gold color. The most important thing is that the craftsmanship of the metallic parts is very nicely done. The hardware has a particular nice shine and does not show any scratches or discolorations. Just like on the authentic purse, each piece of metal is marked with the Fendi name and logo. This contributes at the overall real look of the bag.

Fake Fendi 3Jours Bag Tag

The base of the bag has a squared wide shape. As the base is one of the most important parts of the bag, the one that hold all the weight, its sturdiness is enhanced by using five gold colored feet studs. These are rounded and each one is engraved with the Fendi name. Four of the studs are placed in the corners, and the fifth one is in the center of the base. Furthermore, there are two very noticeable stitches in the base of the Fendi 3Jours bag, one on each side.

Fake Fendi Bag Review

The Fendi 3Jours purse is the perfect example for how a city bag should be. It is classy, functional and practical. It can adapt to every carrying needs or events you must attend and you can always be sure of one thing: it will look fabulous each time. My Fendi 3Jours replica is no exception. It looks like the original purse and it has the same robustness. It is an imitation bag that will style up my outfits while accommodating all my important lady essentials.

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Cheap Bags Outlet Online

Do you love elegant and beautiful designer purses? Then you will surely adore! This website is everything you ever dreamt of. Just imagine: a simple and refined online store that features a large and diverse collection of fake handbags. Here you can enrich your collection with some of the most popular bags to ever hit the shelves.

The homepage is a statement of style. It has a white background, a clean white top menu bar with black text, wide high quality and colorful banners and an enhanced usability. Also, on the bottom of the screen there are a few sponsored replica bags, recommendations for the best-selling brands and links for the informative pages, such as FAQ, Payment, Shipping and Returns.

The products menu is positioned on top of the page and it includes many famous brands, to be more exact: 15. These are some of the most renowned names within the purse making industry. To offer a better user experience, once you roll the cursor over one of the brands, a list with the subcategories appears. The replica products are organized by gender, type (handbag, wallet or belt) and by functionality (handbag, travel bag). Simply choose the desired sub-category and start browsing for your favorite fake purse!

A very useful feature of this online store is that it offers the option of sorting each brand by collection and by price. This tool is located in the left side of the page where you can select the desired criteria and filter the items accordingly.

The prices for these replica handbags start at $100 and go up to $510. The least expensive models are the belts, wallets and smaller purses while the pricier ones, of $510, are the Pegase 50 suitcases in Monogram Vernis leather. These are very specious luggage bags. I find the majority of the prices pretty decent and in concordance with the ones available at most replica stores.

The product description page starts with the name of the fake purse and continues with the price and stock availability. In the bottom of the page, under the pictures there are the technical specifications for the knockoff. Here we find out more about the size, the fabrics, the hardware, the logos, the pockets and compartments and also about the handles and straps. Everything is nicely explained, with rich details.

The company has very nice pictures for its fake handbags. Each product is presented thanks to a few high quality and very clear photos that show the outside and the inside of the bag. You can also observe in the images all the important design particularities of each purse: the texture of the fabric, the logo, the type of lining it has, the sewing, the shape of the handles and the quality of the hardware.

For all orders over $89 the delivery is free regardless of the recipient’s country. If your order is for less than $39 then the delivery is $20 and if the order is between $39 and $89 then the delivery is $15. Of course, you will have to pay the shipping fee only if you buy a belt or a wallet as only these products cost less than $89. The bags cost about $100 or more so regardless of the purse model you choose to buy; you will still enjoy tax free delivery. The packages are shipped with EMS and the delivery takes about 7 business days. The orders are shipped with a tracking number and once the package is dispatched you will receive an email with the tracking number so you can follow the progress of the shipment online.

The company can process card payments by Visa, Mastercard and JCB. These are some of the world’s best and most popular payment methods and I must agree with this universal opinion. Indeed, you can always rely on your bank to protect your money when you are ordering stuff online.

It appears that is able to accept returns within the first 60 days from the delivery. You can choose to return the replica bags for a refund or a replacement with the same product or a different one. The money will be refunded using the same payment method as when you have paid for the fake purse and the return fee must be covered by the customer

If you have any questions or you would like to see how responsive and friendly the customer service is then you have the options of contacting them either by email or contact form. I highly advise you to take advantage of their communication channels and get a hold of their representatives. This will show you if you can count on the company to solve your every problems and worries. is one of the online replica bags stores that knows what we are all looking for: high quality fake purses and great prices. This is why it carries such a wide selection of knockoffs at very affordable prices. Plus, the company offers free worldwide delivery and is able to accept most of the important credit card types.

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Handbags Sale Store With Free Shipping, a very elegant and sleek website designed to appeal to those of you who have a pronounced sense for simplicity, refinement and style. Yes, I am talking about all of you wonderful fashionistas out there! If you love high end fashion bags just as much as you love the integrity of your savings then I recommend you to take a look at this online replica purses store. The first thing you will notice is its attractive appearance focused on a clean black and white color combo with discrete color accents of red and blue.

The webpage is very friendly and easy to use. The main menu is positioned at the top and it includes only four brands. These are Prada, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Burberry- obviously, some of the most famous designers on the planet. Still, the collection is much more inclusive and diverse. When you click on one of these four brands, a new page loads and you can see a larger and longer list in the left side of the screen. This list reveals 15 different purse designer names, offering us the chance to browse through some of the most popular and beautiful handbags that were ever made.

Each brand category is very carefully organized into sub-categories that have the same name as the original collections. For example, Louis Vuitton includes the following: Damier Azur Canvas, Ailleurs, Epi, Mahina Leather, Nomad & Suhali Leather and many others. Furthermore, the categories list many different bags models, each sub-category offering a couple different replica purses or even hundreds of models. Clearly, has a very wide selection of fake handbags.

The prices for the imitation purses available on this online store are pretty affordable. As far as I can see, these cost about $150-$350. The price depends on the size of the purse, on the fabric and number of compartments. I couldn’t find any luggage models even though I was very curious to see what price the company would charge for a larger bag. I guess the store just does not provide this types of bags.

The product description page features a very detailed name of each purse, the item number, stock availability, price, size and technical specifications: if it was inside pockets, stud feet, key chains, charms, detachable shoulder strap, zippers; what type of handles, hardware, lining and fabric it has. Everything is thoroughly explained so you can have a clear idea of the quality and accuracy of these replica bags.

The pictures available for these fake purses are very detailed and numerous. The obvious goal of the images is to show how exact the imitations handbags are. Each photo focuses on a different part of the bag, showing important details such as the embossed logos, the texture of the leather, the lining, zippers, compartments, feet studs and other hardware parts. The only thing is that these pictures show the name of a different company “” so I recommend you to ask the company to first send you pictures of the bag. This way you can confirm the quality you will be receiving before you actually pay for it. is able to accept Visa and Mastercard payments for all of its orders for replica handbags. These are some of the most preferred credit card types and I am sure that most of you have at least one in her wallet. Furthermore, I always recommend paying with your card when ordering online because your bank is able to provide you a higher degree of security for all Internet transactions.

When you purchase a fake purse from this online store you enjoy a 15 days money back guarantee on all products. The company can either replace the product with the same model or a different one, or issue a refund. The choice is yours. But please be sure to contact customer service as soon as you decide that you wish to return the bag, and request all the necessary return details.

All packages enjoy free delivery regardless of the delivery country. The replica bags are shipped with EMS or with another express carrier such as FEDEX or TNT, if EMS delivery isn’t available to a particular country. Also, your order will be shipped with a tracking number that you will receive by email once the items are dispatched. Usually, the delivery takes about 5-8 business days.

If you have any questions regarding the products, services or policies then you can contact customer service by email or by contact form. The best way to be protected when you order something online is to make sure you get a hold of the company and talk to its representatives before you submit the order. This way you know how professional and liable the merchant really is. is an online replica store that carries a wide range of replica designer handbags available at very decent prices. Also, you can rely on the very informative descriptions, on the 15 days return policy and on the secure payment methods it provides. Another great thing about ordering from this company is the fact that it provides free world delivery, so if you have a friend who has already ordered from this company then you should really go ahead and buy your favorite fake purse.

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Western Union Payment Pitfall

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Most online replica stores accept credit card, Western Union and Bank Transfer as payment methods. And I am sure you have noticed that usually fake bags websites insist on the promotional advantage of paying by Western Union: you get a 10%-20% discount. How could anyone say „no” to such an offer? I mean, this is the main reason we choose to buy replica purses. We want to save up as much money as possible.

The catch is that the over-praised Western Union discount isn’t really a discount. It is just a way of compensating for the Western Union transfer fees you must pay when you send money using this service. This fee is usually about 10%-20%, depending if you pay online or at a Western Union office and if you pay cash or with a card. And guess what? The Western Union fee seems to have pretty much the same value as the discount offered by replica handbags stores? Is it just a coincidence? I think not! It is just a way of tricking you into choosing the most convenient payment form. And, I mean, the most convenient payment form for them.

You see, Western Union is the perfect payment option for fake purses online sites. It is risk free. Once you pay with Western Union, you have no way of getting you money back if you change your mind or if you are scammed. You are at the company’s mercy. If the company is a reputable one then if you want to cancel the order before it is shipped or if you receive the package and you are unhappy with the product then they will consider your refund request and give your money back. But this very rarely happens, and it happens in their terms.

You know what they say, better safe than sorry. If this is the first time you buy a bag from an Internet store then it is better to choose a safer payment option like credit card or Paypal. Both the bank that handles your credit card account and Paypal are very dedicated to protecting every transaction you make. If they think that a fraudulent transaction took place or that you were deceived in any way by a company then they will refund your money.

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