Is Karl Lagerfeld Leaving Chanel and Retiring?


Karl Lagerfeld, 82, has been the creative director of Chanel for 33 years; it is hard to imagine where the brand would possibly be if it weren’t for him standing behind it all. We would have never had the pleasure of seeing his iconic ponytail on a graphic tee, or of the presence of his cat Choupette in each photoshoot. Luckily, we have known the fabulous traits that come with the designer at the head of a brand as iconic as Chanel, but the rumor mill is kicking back up with word that Karl Lagerfeld might be stepping down from the creative director rule at Chanel, as Page Six informs.

Is Karl Lagerfeld Leaving Chanel and Retiring?

The rumors started circulating with more frequency once Hedi Slimane announced his departure from Saint Laurent, as the two designers have a particularly close working relationship. Speculations were that Lagerfeld might step down to make way for Slimane, which would make sense due to the Chanel designer’s age – but that has never stopped him before.

Back when rumors kicked up on this same topic in 2009, then-New York Times writer Cathy Horyn said, “Mr. Lagerfeld said to forget about it. He was going to die with his boots on.” The same thing happened in 2010, and when it arose again in 2012, VogueTV interviewed Lagerfeld on the matter. “Why should I stop working? If I do, I’ll die and it’ll all be finished,” he said. He has had no sign of slowing down, and there have been a slew of rumors of this same nature, so until confirmation comes from within the brand itself, don’t mind me if I don’t hold my breath.

Although, the thought of Lagerfeld stepping down does make me hope these rumors aren’t yet true. If Chanel were to come back with confirmation, it is likely this year’s Cuban resort show would be his last – not such a bad way to go out, but it would still be quite a shame. There have been a great many departures from luxury fashion labels in the past year (Raf Simons from Dior, Slimane, and Alber Elbaz from Lanvin), yet Lagerfeld would cause for the largest stir in the industry.

The designer has been working for a long time in the industry, so it’s not totally unexpected for rumors like this to be so common. But the unfortunate matter is, one day it won’t be a rumor. But for now, it will be a waiting game for Lagerfeld to come out and announce his departure or denounce the rumor. Either way, we will all be able to breathe a sigh of relief when the waiting is over.

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The 15 Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of April 22

Other Brands

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How to Succeed on Instagram According to Eva Chen


Today, having a strong social media presence is essential if you want to have a successful brand, from either a personal or a business standpoint. Fashion brands are progressing on the digital front, as ad space in magazines continues to diminish in worth; consumers want to see their favorite labels posting promotional shots on a more intimate level, and Instagram has proven itself to be the most successful way to stay in touch with the consumers in this way. The social platform has more than 400 million active users, making it an ideal location for anyone looking to get an image out and seen by many.

How to Succeed on Instagram According to Eva Chen

According to Instagram, 42 million users used the site to connect to fashion in some way, particularly regarding the last set of Fashion Weeks around the world, from February 10 in New York to March 9 in Paris (with London and Milan falling in between). Among the 42 million users, there was a total of 283 million interactions with the uploaded photos. Aside from this, business intelligence firm L2 analyzed the activity of 192 fashion labels on social media, and uncovered a vast difference between consumer engagement on Instagram versus other social media outlets. Between February 1 and 18, Instagram generated 11.5 times more interactions than Facebook, and 57 times more than Twitter. The interactions showed with the number of posts on each platform, which totaled 20 for Instagram, eight for Facebook, and 26 for Twitter.

And that is where fashion businesswoman and current head of Instagram’s fashion partnerships Eva Chen comes in. She arrived in this position after stepping down from The Lucky Group as CEO. With her extensive work on the social media front, she has acquired a great deal of information regardinghow to succeed in the digital world and to run a successful Instagram account. She spoke on the results of the prior analysis, and in few words provided a profound sentiment.

“It didn’t surprise me, just because of the visual element of Instagram,” she began. “A picture is worth a thousand words, and now a picture can speak to millions of people.”

Back on March 15, the social media site told users that the feed of posts would be changing to a format more like the newsfeed of Facebook, Instagram’s parent company. Posts will be presented based on an algorithm, rather than being presented chronologically, which is a move to increase user optimization. This may not have a great effect on fashion brands on Instagram, but the need remains true, that a social media presence is an integral aspect of marketing today. Business of Fashion interviewed Chen, and she was able to identify five key principles that are necessary to create a strong presence on Instagram.

1. Engagement Vs. Followers

“It’s not a numbers game. I feel like the fashion community is especially competitive and brands are looking at each other’s follower counts. But it’s the passion and engagement that people feel for a brand that matters most. That is a key gold star. You can have millions of followers, but more important is whether people are commenting and tagging their friends. That means you’ve created something that people are talking about and that’s what makes a good post.”

The important thing here is to remember your audience. The fans of a brand are not just a number on a page, so creating engaging content for loyal fans and consumers is more significant than creating vague information to bring in new, uninvested followers to increase your ranks.

2. Create Your Personal Style

“Having a strong visual identity and a visual rubric — that’s important. Just as when you pick up a magazine, whether it’s Self Service or Vogue, and you could remove the title from the cover, but you would still know which magazine it was just from the image, the typography, the talent they’re using, the tone of voice — that logic extends to Instagram as well. Feeds that have a very consistent look do well. You want moments of spontaneity and joy, but it’s also about consistency. Mansur Gavriel is a great example of that.”

Any industry where fame and recognition are involved revolves around the idea of building a brand. The “crafting” of the brand identity requires posting and all aspects related to the company to remain consistent.

3. Authenticity Is The Key

“It’s about authenticity. The accounts I love following most all have the sense that there are real people behind them. There was a point in time when things got very manicured, but what I’m seeing now, whether it’s Donatella [Versace] or Taylor Swift or Gigi Hadid singing in grainy videos, taken at home in poor light, is a swing back to authenticity and real life. People want to feel the ‘Insta’ in Instagram. The campaign images always do well, but it’s the behind the scenes where Karlie Kloss is eating a cookie backstage — those are the images that always get more engagement, because you feel like you’re seeing through someone’s eyes.”

Celebrities and designers behind fashion brands (and so on) are real people when all is said and done, and portraying that to the consumers can help establish connections on a more individual, personal basis.

4. Creating a Community

“The Instagram audience wants to feel like they’re a part of something. The conversation is really important — talking back to your followers, asking questions of them. It’s not something that every brand does. But I think Valentino, for example, does this very, very well. When people are in their Rockstuds they’re posting pictures and tagging Valentino and the brand is using a lot of this user generated content, saying to followers ‘Hey, if you post us, we’ll repost you.’ It’s nice because they’re spotlighting how people dress in Valentino. But when Valentino comments on their followers’ feeds, you can legit see people freak out.”

This goes along with authenticity. Keeping things real can help create a community, and starting a conversation is the best way to start; remember to turn your monologue into a dialogue.

5. The Benefits of Collaborations

“We’re in a new age where it’s about collaboration. Gucci is a great example. They do something called #GucciGram, where they collaborate with artists on Instagram. They have a collaboration with a painter named Unskilled Worker. Dries [Van Noten] worked with an Instagrammer named Button Fruit, who hand-painted his show invites. These collaborations are closer to artist residencies, where the reciprocity is more about inspiration and access versus ‘I’ll work with you because you have 9 trillion followers.’ That’s influencer marketing, which a lot of brands are doing extremely well, but that’s always existed.”

Starting the initial conversation can take many forms, such as with the Gucci example Chen provided in her interview. Letting users and fans collaborate in some way can do wonders for relationships and connections, and can prove to help a brand further on down the line.

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Louis Vuitton sues Korean restaurant for using the brand name to sell chicken

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton chicken

After the initial lawsuit, the restaurant owner –identified only by the family name Kim- changed the name of the restaurant to ‘chaLouisvui tondak’ but Louis Vuitton were not satisfied and made another complaint resulting in the final fine.

Brands are getting increasingly protective of their brands and logos. Quartz reported that Rolex and Faberge have also taken legal action against restaurants that have used their names.


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New Bridal Line Officially Launched by Christian Siriano


Fans of Christian Siriano rejoice! If you have always been a lover of his creations and you have a wedding to plan, it makes perfect sense for this piece of news to make you squeal with joy! The first-ever Christian Siriano spring 2017 bridal line has officially been launched by the 30-year-old American fashion designer in partnership with Kleinfield from “Say Yes to the Dress” and we no longer have to be major celebrities to be rocking his style. He had some glamorous ball gown on “Project Runway” but they will be nothing compared to what the blushing brides shall be adorned in come their big day as they walk down that aisle.

Christian Siriano Spring 2017 Bridal Collection

This is not the first foray into the wedding gown designing business. On the contrary, all designers need to amass a certain amount of experience before releasing a new line that we expect will continuously be updated. As such, we have seen Siriano creations on fashion bloggers before, as well as his friends and family members, before he plunges into work specifically for the “Say Yes to the Dress” bridal boutique.

The collection includes a wide array of pieces, the inaugural collection shown but hours back, with sizes ranging from the petite to the plus, ranging from $3,500 to $10,000, housed in a suite opened up just for the designer’s works. It is a Christian Siriano for Kleinfield collection all right and we are curious to see if there will be any cameos on the show from now on.

Gorgeous and frothy is how Siriano does it, with a penchant for fantasy and a love for fairy tales. The pieces are quite extraordinary themselves, featuring embroidered column dresses, cropped designs with long trains and embroidered collars, tailored suits, lots of tulle and overlays along with a whole lot of lace, long sleeves and strapless, long hems and minis, mermaid looks and total ball gowns. The Christian Siriano spring 2017 bridal collection really has it all, including a few darling looks in feathers and some sequin slip dresses. The best has to be the jumpsuit.

Christian Siriano Spring 2017 Bridal Collection

Christian Siriano Spring 2017 Bridal Collection

To date, entering the bridal business has been daunting for Siriano. It is certainly a big undertaking and not to be taken lightly. In one particular interview with Fashionista, he mentions, “I have never really turned it into a collection just because it is such a big undertaking. It was just one of those things where I was kind of like, ‘Do we do it? Is it possible? Do we think it’s a great business decision?’ As my business gets bigger and we have more team and help, I think now is the perfect time.”

Indeed, the decisions have been sound and his claim to fame will certainly be that particular partnership with Kleinfield since it has grown to infamy over the top bridal show in North America. Siriano is certainly in demand, especially after that stunning creation he pulled together for blogger Nicolette Mason’s nuptials. People from all around will be enjoying the new line and can plan on having Christian Siriano a few years from now as well since it appears he is here to stay.

As for the styles of his gowns? “We’re trying to offer a little something for every woman,” says the designer. “The young bride who wants something sparkly and pretty and princess-y, I want her to be able to get that; and then I want that really cool, downtown girl, who is modern and minimalist, to also be able to find something, because I think that’s how brides are now.”

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Fill in the Blank: The Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily Stefano/Domenico Leopard-Print Satchel is…

Other Brands

The title of this bag alone is quite the mouthful, and it’s only fitting that the design is, too. Dolce & Gabbana’s collection focused on family this season, and it played into everything, from the designs themselves to the runway show and ad campaign. I’m always trying to find a Dolce & Gabbana bag that I really like, and there definitely are some, but when I spotted this bag, I knew I wanted to hear your thoughts on it.

Everything about the Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily Stefano/Domenico Leopard-Print Satchel is oh-so-Dolce. The classic Miss Sicily design, the leopard print, the characters of Stefano and Domenico along with their dogs and cats–this bag has a lot going on. I turn to you to give us your take on it, so help me out by filling in the blank in the comments below!

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