Tori Praver Summer 2016 Swimwear Collection


By now, we know that Tori Praver can do just about anything. In her swimwear business, she has found great success as a designer, but with her stunning beach bod, the supermodel can even model her own looks, taking out a step in the process. It can be hard finding the perfect model for each new collection, but if you can do it yourself, then why not?

Tori Praver Summer 2016 Swimwear Collection

For the latest Tori Praver summer 2016 swimwear collection, she presented a very sex-driven line, with rather skimpy swimsuits for the beach season. The silhouettes are fresh and interesting, and the added sex appeal makes them ideal for anyone who isn’t afraid of showing up to the beach and using it as their personal catwalk, because all eyes are going to be on whoever decides to rock these swimsuits.

The bottoms are all ran high, to give a very cheeky display, which is where a great deal of the line’s sexiness comes into play. But she also paired this sometimes with a high waistline, which often works to counteract sensuality a bit, replacing it with a classic cuteness. In this case, however, Praver added cutouts and ties in many of these pieces, which kept things modern and cool. Those that are not high-waisted are often thin bands that employ the same cutout and tie appeal as the others.

Her one-piece swimsuits broke this mold, since naturally how high the waist is wouldn’t matter, and even though you were still getting minimal fabric on the backside, the added coverage in the midriff made everything sweeter. Her halter-styled piece is smooth with a textured fabric that would give great shape to the wearer’s body, although might be hard to pull off for the busty customers (although that could be said about many of the suits in this line). On the other hand, her yellow one-piece option with a paneled floral print is completely cute and sweet, with a classic design on top suited for more women’s body types. She didn’t give up her fun styling decisions altogether, by adding in lace-up details up the sides of one garment, making it lovelier.

Tori Praver Summer 2016 Swimwear Collection

Tori Praver Summer 2016 Swimwear Collection

The overall Tori Praver bikini looks are cute, as well, even above their glaring tones of sexuality. One such set that looked stunning is a strapless, barely-there top paired with solid, high-waisted bottoms. The design has sleeve caps in line with the bust, hanging on Praver’s arms, while the bust-strap is very thin, not allowing for much coverage above or below the bust line. If your goal is to show off your beach bod to the best of your ability, then this look is definitely designed with you in mind – Praver clearly designed this for herself, much as all of the looks in her line, because each one highlights her best features in one way or another.

As a model, being a talented designer is probably one of the best things to add on; she will never have to worry about finding the perfect swimsuit for a trip to the beach, because she can design and receive whatever she wants. Although those of us on the purchasing end will just be here to purchase the products of the multi-talented Praver – and her judgment as far as sensual swimwear is one I would trust any day.

Tori Praver Summer 2016 Swimwear Collection

Tori Praver Summer 2016 Swimwear Collection

Tori Praver Summer 2016 Swimwear Collection

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23 Under-the-Radar Spring Bags for When You Want to Be a Little More Subtle

Other Brands

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Other Brands


While sourcing for our next topic, we found a bag that is truly breath taking. It’s so beautiful that we were like: ‘Wow’.

But there is a catch and it’s the price tag. But if that doesn’t scare you, then please read on.

The Balenciaga Bow Bracelet Pouch is all about Luxury, Handbag, Gold and Glamour. So if you need these things in your love, then well… this pouch has them all.

Inspired by blurring the lines between accessories and handbags, the Bow Bracelet Pouch is crafted from gold-tone metal. The Cuff Bracelet is connected to a chain pouch for a weighty feel with a glam look.

Open the ouch with the clasp fastening and store your little essentials inside. But we all know that the Balenciaga Bow Bracelet Pouch is not made from carrying, it’s designed to flaunt and to steal the show for your most important evenings.

Now, dress in your next event in a fluid white dress and carry this golden Bow Bracelet Pouch. The perfect match!

Measuring 4.5’ x 3’ x 2.5’ (H x W x D), priced at $2220 USD or €1895 euro via Mytheresa.





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Jacob and Co. unveils the incredibly complicated Astronomia Sky Celestial Panorama Gravitational Triple Axis Tourbillion

Jewelry & Watches


As Jacob Arabo, founder of Jacob & Co. puts it, “As a sailor heading toward the seas driven by the celestial vault, I found my star: the Astronomia Sky.” He speaks of the highly complicated Astronomia Sky Celestial Panorama Gravitational Triple Axis Tourbillion that already has us in raptures.

The complications surpass those of the Astronomia Tourbillion by adding a brand new complication in the form of the sidereal display in 3D and an oval indicator and 24-hour day and night display. The sidereal display cloaks the surface of the case and synchronizes with the actual time taken by the earth to rotate around the sun. The splendid motion is captured on a grade 5 18-karat gold star-studded titanium dial, which also finds room to accommodate hand-crafted zodiac signs. The oval sky indicator displays the portion of stars visible from the Northern Hemisphere and completes a complete rotation in a single sidereal day. Day and night is indicated by a lacquered hand-engraved titanium globe that rotates and is surely the most endearing component of the entire movement.

Finally we come to the triple axis gravitational tourbillion, which is one of the four satellite arms that rotate in continuous time intervals, thus painting a different picture each time you look at the watch. It is accompanied by another satellite that indicates the hours and minutes and an Orbital second hand. The fourth satellite is hand indicates the patented Jacob Cut red moon, which appears to be an orange sphere sapphire. The time can be set with the help of a pair of bows. One for setting the time and the other to control the mechanical movements.

The Astronomia Sky Celestial Panorama Gravitational Triple Axis Tourbillion is truly a sight to behold and among our favorites this Baselworld. This masterpiece took 3,300 and 30 experts to put together. An effort that is commendably visible.

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Free People Festival 2016 Lookbook Has A Kaleidoscopic Effect


The Free People Festival 2016 lookbook has just been unveiled, and it’s kaleidoscopic. Whenever Coachella and Spring Break are in the air,Free People delights us with an ad hoc inspirational festival lookbook, which this time literally catapults us back to the Seventies and makes us feel a bittersweet kind of nostalgia (even though most of us weren’t even born, in the Seventies). Along with Free People, Spanish retailerMango treated us to some festival-inspired proposals too, meaning that we now have an array of festival outfis for 2016 to wear not only to the forthcoming spring festivals, but also to all the cheerful summer parties too. You can already snag up these lovely essentials for your spring wardrobes heading to Free People’s website!

Free People Festival 2016 Lookbook

While Free People’s latest lookbook featured a softer focus and accentuated the Seventies’ most delicate and boho side, the Kaleidoscope Skies lookbook celebrates the hippy culture at its purest, with all its cosmically-charged colors, magical rainbow touches and goddess-like silhouettes. Lensed by Tina De Leon and styled by Karolina Bernat, the Free People Kaledoscope Skies lookbook features Alina Weber, letting her perfectly embody the whole party girl in the Seventies mood. Waving us peacefully off with a tambourine in her hand, Alina Weber sports au naturel makeup and hairstyle that gracefully match the proposals’ floaty lines and vintage prints, not to mention the shredded effects, the fringing and studs that will make anyone giggle.

As for the hues, the lookbook brings in all the colors of Mother Nature, meaning that one could easily find anything from earth-toned blouses to billowy, fresh rainbow-colored maxi gowns. The line-up does not only showcase oversized attire options, as most of the shorts and shirts are meant to make your legs, bellies and shoulders shine under the summery bright sun. For an even cooler effect, and just in case you would like to cover a few more areas, try adding length with any of the fringed waistcoats, which are also meant to be paired either with summer flats or chunky ankle cowgirl boots.

Free People Festival 2016 Lookbook

Free People Festival 2016 Lookbook

Suede vests will protect you from the windiest days, while band tees will serve as the perfect daytime outwear option when you just want to go to sunbathe at the park (not to mention the possibility to sporting them with a more glam rock outfit). Bell-bottom jeans, lace-up crop-tops and multi-colored crochet pullovers will then quickly become essential staples to wear both at the festivals and at any Seventies-themed party.

To top it all off, Free People put a lot of emphasis on the accessory line, offering quirky kaleidoscopic sunglasses, suede hats, leather choker necklaces and, of course, headbands, which will effortlessly complete each festival outfit.

Free People Festival 2016 Lookbook

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Other Brands


The Spring Summer 2016 Collection was already released in February and though we know that Chanel showed us as many handbags as possible on their official website, we know…that it’s not the complete collection.

One of them that’s not included is the brand-new Chanel Smooth Leather Flap Bag. This bag is shared by Jenny on our website.

Eye-catching, timeless and with a fresh-new look – this is flap bag has been made with a little twist. So let’s start with the shape – it’s a bit curvy on the edges, the body is covered in the iconic quilting and the center is made with a large CC signature logo.

It comes with an interwoven chain link strap – not too thick and not too thin, just like on the ‘Classics’. The front flap is the new design; it features in smooth and soft leather.

I love this bag, thanks for sharing Jenny!

We do not know much about this bag yet, if someone has more information, please drop it on the comment section.


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