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We like lemon for cooking or perhaps for making refreshing tea. But do we really need to carry it around?

The fresh groceries at Hermes boutiques are getting too much inflated. This tasty Hermes Citron Clutch from the Tutti Frutti Collection was retailing for €1960 euro ($2300 USD) in 2016. But today, it’s priced at $2950 USD. Really? For a Lemon?

You know, we all like to spend and shop right? But there must be some sort of good value versus the price. And we can still breath, eat and live without a lemon (no joking).

So what’s so special about this Citron Clutch that its worth $2950 USD? It’s made from Mysore Goatskin (okay…?). It’s crafted with a handstrap (Okay…?). And there is a leather zip closure with a shape of a leaf (Aha!).

You know what’s more fun? Wondering what you could have invested instead of this Hermes Citron Clutch.

1,2,3 Go.

  • Hermes Garden Party Bag for $2325 USD
  • 3x Hermes Envelope Clutch for $690 USD a piece
  • Hermes Airsilk Duffle Bag for $1425 USD & Airsilk Backpack for $1675 USD
  • Hermes Evelyne III 29 Bag for $3375 USD
  • Hermes Silkcity 41 Bag for $2250 USD
  • Hermes Clic 16 Chain Wallet for $2850 USD
  • Hermes Bearn Wallet for $2650 USD
  • Hermes Constance Compact Wallet for $3175 USD
  • Hermes Kelly Wallet for $3375 USD

The Prices And Sizes

Measuring 8.5’ x 6’ x 0.5’ L x H x D inches, priced at $2950 USD via Hermes boutiques.

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