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2016-5-30 fashion Other Brands


Once upon a time people obsession logo bigger the better, the more they can reflect their own identity. So in recent years in fashion circles that play a bunch of pink fashion began like all kinds of no logo or very low-key style handbags.

But the trend is a continuous cycle process, from Alessandro Michele Aunt Gucci made the literary retro beauty, Gucci handbags on flooded huge hoop from the iconic logo, 2016 spring and simply put up big Logo printed directly. Besides the LV, YSL and other big, this large Logo bags are slowly becoming handbags … and now feel they represent large Logo becomes the most in the fashion element!



Dimensions counted on Gucci Soho Disco Bag is more mini, but the difference is less than printed LOGO enlarged to fill the entire bag body, so that the original might fancy the whole very monotonous black or all-white style, is particularly up. Perhaps some of the low-profile star who still feel a little exaggerated big logo, but the size particularly small special mini bag, doing pretty good.



And the above paragraph oversized Gucci logo of mini bags compared to that of a big logo which considered a relatively low-key. Black leather bag body, with metal double GG loop fastener, or for those temporarily unable to accept oversized logo and the pursuit of fashion trend of people, very appropriate!



LOGOclassicretrobigreturn——Louis Vuitton

Of course, in addition to Gucci, Louis Vuitton’s Twist bag, in the middle of a large Logo is super smart. Twist bag 2015 autumn and winter series, in addition to the classic styling Quilted leather spell color design, including the printing of embellishment, the overall full of retro texture.



LOGOclassicretrobigreturn——Louis Vuitton

Many stars seemed like LV home this bag, really only big red logo LV it bag this year, all of a sudden the gas field up up!



LOGOclassicretrobigreturn——Louis Vuitton

Nicolas Ghesquire really great artist, created after taking office LV Twist bag each stylish! Look Serena each so love, even if a large logo also did not become very exaggerated and plunges, but this bold logo design variants a little contrast, highlighting cute!



LOGOclassicretrobigreturn——Saint Laurent

YSL classic reproduction LOGO! In fact, in 2012 Hedi Slimane will be renamed Saint Laurent brand, we have found it difficult to see the YSL LOGO bronzing occurs, when we are worried about the traditional desalination Hedi want on the occasion of Yves Saint Laurent, Hedi is also a once again proved that he was eager to take advantage of new ways to comply with tradition, Mr. Saint Laurent’s aesthetics continue. So now we can still very common to see this classic YSL logo appear on their big house handbag.



LOGOclassicretrobigreturn——Saint Laurent

(Kendall Jenner) personal demonstration of Saint Laurent classic it bag. Bronzing classic YSL logo and a large metal tassel, look at all these Soil single product together, willing to be a black suede handbags and small mini style, so it all looks feminine and sexy retro trend.




Loewe handbag recently can be heady, from Puzzle series to Barcelona this year is the fire triangle it bag, fashion circles trends are essential. Then when you do not want someone else to point the same time, why not try it on the map of this large logo printed Loewe new handbag feel a little movement, the resistance mounted and retro styling.




Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio him back this Tod’s handbag, thick straps look a bit masculine … but this bag is that those who like and want to pursue logo understated sister who really super match, and know what people see to buckle logo Tod’s to know that this is it, I am not really want to have this both retro and low-key bag too!




The Kylie Jenner great way to shook the fashion circle, her character but it is still quite like the back of some of the more obvious comparison in logo bag, Moschino this black leather quilted bag in the 2016 spring show in September this year debut, architectural elements silver C-front fixed pincer bag buckle and the flagship brand of the perfect echo. Compact and lightweight bag body can back out to the streets daily.

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