Great Vacation! Louis Vuitton brand new summer series

2016-5-24 fashion Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton summer collection again report, beach, waves will trace it out Ian! The new “V” series of eye-catching letter main season totem, a symbol of adventure progressive heart, Dawn sea and air; Ramage series is integrated into the brightly colored prints, showing elegant tropical marine style, arouse people’s desire for a vacation.




Louis Vuitton The new summer series

V series has pearls words, is not only one brand representation letters, but also a symbol Volez, Voguez and Voyagez and other land, sea and air three kinds of travel, accompanied by all travelers to explore the unknown journey.




Louis Vuitton The new summer series

This summer series flagship pink, sky blue and white, applied on a dark Monogram canvas, it is particularly eye-catching, introduced this season Neverfull, Speedy handbags, but also provide small leather goods, including key ring can start with less than a million, the price very attractive.




Louis Vuitton The new summer series

Another series Ramage extending early spring couture, abstract totem-like creepers, like coral, as a beautiful fantasy underwater scenery. In addition to the series include traveler’s favorite Neverfull, Keepall Both bags offer spacious storage space capacity apart, while easily add highlights for the journey; another towel, cosmetic bags, scarves and other accessories, wide range of selection.




Louis Vuitton The new summer series

Both sunglasses Peony and Ivy Cat Eye, the choice of a high degree of popular cat eye shape, metal leaf design inspiration also from Monogram.



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