Ready For 2016? Best Replica Bags For New Year’s Eve Party!

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When it comes to fashion you always need to be one step ahead. So even though Christmas hasn’t even passed yet, you should already think about the best replica bags for the New Year’s Eve party!

Best Replica Bags Options For New Year's Eve

We all want to look our best for this night and we couldn’t have a complete outfit without a gorgeous replica bag!

I usually opt for black, gold or metallic replica bags for special occasions like this, because they always catch the eye the most. Black is my happy color when it comes to clothes, so accessories are really important to make any outfit unique! Gold and silver look amazing paired with black and red dresses but if you don’t feel like buying a replica bag in one of this colors, you can opt for smaller accessories like shoes, jewelry, watches or even nail polish to add some glamour to your look!

Either if you’re New Year shopping right now or just starting to plan the perfect New Year’s Eve outfit, these are some of the best replica bags for the occasion. The best part is that they work with most colors and that they’re all year round bags you can always take out of the closet for a very special night!

Best Replica Bags For New Year’s Eve Outfit

I know I’ve mentioned this bag before but I think I have a soft spot for it! I’m talking about the replica Chloe Drew bag in gold. The size and color are just right and the long metallic shoulder strap makes it so easy to wear! I’ve always liked the design of the Chloe Drew bag but the metallic gold leather makes it one of the best replica bags for elegant outfits!

Replica Chloe Drew Bag Metallic Gold Leather

Replica Chloe Drew Bag Gold Leather

My second pick is a classic: the Saint Laurent Belle De Jour clutch in silver. A clutch is the most obvious choice for the New Year’s Eve party if you’re going for an elegant look but if you plan is to dance all night long, you should better choose a small bag with long shoulder strap, so that you can wear it across the body as well.

Saint Laurent Belle De Jour Clutch Metallic Silver Leather

YSL Belle De Jour Clutch Silver Leather

Another favorite of mine is the replica Bottega Veneta Knot clutch. This clutch was and still is a celebrity favorite because it can be worn with so many different styles. The design is simple but the Intrecciato pattern is eye-catching and timeless. And the best part is that you can find this Bottega Veneta replica clutch in so many colors and styles! seems to have the best selection for this Bottega Veneta clutch replica, in case you were looking for it. An Alexander Mcqueen replica clutch would be another great option as well.

Replica Bottega Veneta Box Clutch With Studs

Replica Bottega Veneta Knot Clutch Dark Red Leather Black Studs

If you’re planning to choose bold accessories like statement necklaces, shiny glittery shoes or a sequins dress, then you can stick to a classic black clutch. You have plenty of designer clutches replica options but I will show you one of my all-time favorites: the Hermes Kelly replica clutch in imitation crocodile leather. I usually advise against buying replica handbags made of exotic leathers (imitation exotic leather to be more precise) because there’s too much of a risk for them to look cheap. But I saw a replica that I like and would recommend on PurseValley.

Hermes Replica Kelly Cut Clutch Crocodile Leather Black

Hermes Kelly Replica Clutch Made Of Imitation Crocodile Leather

Last but not least here is my suggestion for those of you who will opt for a casual look in the last night of the year. If comfort is really important to you, it doesn’t mean that you can’t look chic and glam too! This might seem a little unconventional but how do you feel about the Valentino Rockstud replica backpack? If you’re planning to spend the night in a place like Times Square, then you definitely need your hands free and a cool backpack seems like the most logical choice!

Valentino Rockstud Replica Backpack With Studs

Valentino Rockstud Replica Backpack Black Leather Small

There are some styles I wouldn’t recommend for the New Year’s Eve party. Large totes, top handles and messenger bags just don’t fit the occasion. You don’t need to carry too much stuff around except your phone, keys and makeup essentials, so the best replica bags for the event are the small-sized.

For late Christmas or New Year shoppers I have one more suggestion that I’ve already recommended in a previous posts: use gift cards as gift items! You can send them via email or you can print them and you can also choose the amount. In my opinion these are some of the best online deals for replica lovers and fashion lovers in general because they take no effort and allow the recipient to buy exactly what she or he wants from that site!

I’m really curious to know this: what the best replica bags picks for the New Year’s Eve party in your opinion?

P.S. Merry Christmas everyone and happy holidays! :) I’m off the blog for a few days but I’ll be back next week!

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