45 years of Issey Miyake designs are on display in a retrospective exhibition in Tokyo

2016-3-24 fashion Fashion

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Spanning the designers work from 1970 to today, the show is sure to include many of the designs and themes that put Miyake on the fashion map including his origami inspired designs and cutting edge textiles.
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“This exhibition will shed light on Miyake’s ideas about making things and his approach to design by examining his entire career, from his earliest work to his latest projects, and his explorations of greater creative possibilities in the future,” said a statement from Miyake’s brand. “Miyake has always explored the relationship between a piece of cloth and the body, and the space that is created as a result, unrestricted by any existing framework. In addition, along with his team of designers, he persistently undertakes research and development to create clothing that combines both innovation and comfort.”
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The first room of the exhibition will feature early work from the ‘70s, the second room will examine his work from the ‘80s while the third and largest room will feature more recent designs.
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The Works of Miyake Issey at the National Art Center, Tokyo, will run until the 13th of June 2016.

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