Valentino Leather Bucket Shoulder Bag: Lover’s Rockstud

2015-12-9 fashion Other Brands

Valentino Leather Bucket Shoulder Bag

Feel the rainbow, taste the rainbow! I know, I know. The Rockstud is played out. I would be sick of Valentino’s ubiquitous pyramid studs myself, but this is such an adorable shape, I can’t resist these colorful pieces of arm candy (including the hardware that comes with them). In coral red, soft yellow, and aqua blue alike, this is the easiest bag I’ve ever carried.

This thing is light as a feather, ridiculously simple to access, and equally effortless to wear on the shoulder or crossbody. Add your choice of a favorite punchy color to the mix, and no wonder it’s the perfect companion for fun summer travels. Don’t let the small size fool you! Thanks to the accommodating bucket shape and buckled front pocket, this bag holds plenty. So even if you’ve got more than enough Valentino Rockstuds to love in your collection, I highly recommend making room for (at least) one more. 

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