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2015-11-2 fashion Jewelry & Watches


I am sure you are always interested in discovering new and interesting replica handbags stores where you can shop for beautiful designer purses. This is why I am also certain that you are going to adore e2bag.net. This fake bags website appears to have some of the most popular models available on the market, models that will style up very nicely all your outfits.

Maybe the homepage doesn’t look that cool, glamorous or stylish, but the store has much more to offer than what can be seen there. Behind those shades of grey, pixelated banners and dull menu there is a very wide selection of replica handbags, jewelry, shoes, watches and hats. This company is basically an online shopping mall where you can buy everything you need in a sensational wardrobe.

Today we will keep our focus on designer purses so let’s discover the diverse collection of brand names available here! What mood are you in today- LV, Dior, Prada, Hermes or Gucci? There are many others waiting to be discovered so don’t waste your time and start browsing the collection. The top menu bar is pretty plain and easy to access. From here you can quickly go to the desired collection and view the available models. One thing though, there is no way of filtering the designs by color, fabric or price range. These can only be sorted by name or price, which is pretty inconvenient for those larger collections that have a couple hundred models available.

The prices vary from $140 to $300 per bag. These prices are influenced by the size of the replica purse, the fabric used for making it and the popularity of the design. From my point of view, the prices are pretty affordable. The authentic bags cost thousands of dollars so these fakes are only a fraction of the price.

The company isn’t that preoccupied about providing a very detailed and accurate description for its replica handbags. From product to product, the consistency and relevance of the product description vary. Some purses have a more complete set of technical details while others have just a few generic info that aren’t sufficient to express the quality of these knockoffs.

I am very disappointed by the quality of the photos that e2bag.net uses for its replica handbags. Clearly, the pictures were taken in different studios and are of different quality. Some are clear while others are not. Also, the name written on the images is of a different company. It says e8bag.com instead of e2bag.net. Sure, I can understand that the store has changed its Internet address over the years, but what I cannot understand is the lack of professionalism that stopped it from correcting the name on the photos.

The website can accept the following payment options: Western Union with 10% discount, Money Gram with 10% discount and Paypal which is actually written incorrectly on its page- “PayPel”. The strange thing about its available payment methods is that credit card isn’t included. In my opinion, all reputable online merchants must be able to process at least Visa and Mastercard.

E2Bag.net ships packages worldwide with EMS and the delivery is a flat rate fee of $25. All packages are shipped with a tracking number and the estimated delivery time is 7-10 business days. This is a normal time frame for most international shipments. Also, when the package will be delivered at your address, someone will have to sign for it.

This replica handbags store offers a 14 days refund or replacement policy. This implies that you must contact the company before the first 14 days run out and notify them about your dissatisfaction. Afterwards you will be provided with the necessary details for returning the order and once the products are received, your refund or replacement will be processed. Please note that all the return costs must be paid by the customer, but the company is willing to compensate you for those costs. Compensating us for the money we spend on sending back the goods is a pretty cool thing as most merchants to not even bother to do this.

The company can be contacted only by email. It does not provide a phone number or a chat service. This is certainly not what I like to call a responsive customer service, but at least you know what to expect from it right from the start. Some websites have a flashy chat button on the page which is always offline or redirects you to the contact page, but never actually connects you to anyone. At least, E2Bag.net is honest about what it can offer you.

E2Bag.net is, simply put, just another replica handbags store. It doesn’t have anything more or less to offer than your average fake purses website. Its best qualities are a friendly and easy to use website, a wide collection of new and popular designer bags, very affordable prices, 14 days return policy, fast worldwide delivery and discounts for Western Union and Money Gram payments. The downsides are the lack of attention towards the quality of its photos and product descriptions, not being able to accept credit card payments and an unprofessional customer service.

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