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replica handbags wholesale

As always, style and beauty is a matter of tastes. This also applies to the aesthetics of replica bags online sites. We, modern fashionable women, are always very sensitive about looks and we like to surround ourselves with beautiful things, such as bags, shoes, clothing and jewelry. We are devoted to everything that is glamorous and luxurious. This is why we like designer purses and in the absence of a fortune to spend on these exaggeratedly expensive products, we choose replica bags. And when we opt for buying a knockoff, we tend to purchase it from an online store that looks elegant and has a professional vibe. Something that, in my opinion, lacks tremendously on

This fake purses site has a very unusual appearance. It is mostly white with black texts and a thin menu bar, and it has an oversized banner with a girl in a wheat crop holding a large bag. That’s certainly not very alluring. But let’s try to ignore this, shall we?

On a different note, the company has a wide range or replica designer products, such as bags, wallets, sunglasses, jewelry, clothing and belts, but today we will focus on fake purses. The collection of replica handbags is pretty diverse. There are numerous designer names included in the menu- some more famous than others- and each one features over 10 pages of different items. The bad thing about this very wide offer is that the products aren’t organized into sub-categories and there is no Advanced Search available either. You just need to browse page by page through the hundreds of models until you find the right one.

I really do not know what to say about It is totally different than any other online store I have seen so far. Its site isn’t a regular online shop. It is practically a catalog where you can just view the picture of the replica bags, the codes and the sizes. There isn’t a description included on the product page or the price for the items. Probably, to find out more about the specifications and the price available for a model, you must send a message to the company.

Frankly, I do not like at all the way this company presents its fake purses. The products have only one photo. There are no additional images to present the various sides and parts of the handbags. Also, the photos are copied from, at least, three different sources. You can tell this by taking a look at the background, the clarity of the images and the accessories included in the pictures. Obviously, these photos were made in different studios. Most likely, uses different suppliers and each one has a different style of images.

Of course, there is no “”Add to Cart” button for the products. The orders can’t be placed online. You need to email the company so they can send you a list with the available prices and the shipping charges. Also, the company does not mention what are the accepted payment options. When you click on the “Payment” page it loads a section of the site that only tells you to contact the company by email for more info. I do not like it when a company isn’t transparent about its policies.

There is no relevant information on the website about the delivery process. There is nothing about the estimated delivery time, the shipping company used to send the order or if there is a tracking number. It only says that orders for less than $200 will pay $30 for delivery and to contact them for a list with the delivery fees.

As expected, there is nothing about the return or warranty policies either. I just do not understand why a company wouldn’t state on its page all its policies so that everyone who is interested in purchasing its replica bags can read them and see that there’s nothing to hide. Not being transparent makes a company look unprofessional and shady.

Supposedly, offers customer service 24X7. The store can be contacted by email at a Gmail address or by chat using Msn. I have tried several times at different hours of the day to speak to an operator, but each time I was asked me to leave a message. is an online store that sells an impressive range of replica handbags. At first glance you are tempted to buy from this place because the models are very beautiful, but you cannot order online by clicking on a simple “Buy Now” button. You can just view the pictures and request a list of prices. The order is placed by email and this is a little bit old fashioned for my liking.

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