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Replica Designer Handbags

If you are not familiar with the concept, „AAA replicas” refers to the highest quality of fake handbags available on the market. A very strong and demanding name for any company, but isn’t intimidated by this challenge. It is eager to convince us that it is the best store in town and that it has all it takes to deliver the best quality replica bags.

Its website is a pleasant surprise. It is very different than what we are used seeing on the usual fake purses online sites. It is not plain, blunt or dull like those pages that have a black, white or gray base appearance. takes its chances with a lively purple color scheme with nice flower embellishments. The website looks very friendly and is also quite easy to use as it does not have many interactive features or complicated buttons. There are just two menu bars- one on top with links for browsing the collection by Product, Designer and Style, and a more detailed menu on the left side of the page with a long list of available brands.

The collection is quite large and diversified. There are many famous brands available and the largest ones are organized into collections. Unfortunately there isn’t an Advanced Search available, but I’m not really sure that one is needed. Each collection includes just a couple of pages with replica handbags because even though the website has a high diversity of brands, the models aren’t endless. The company prefers to list just the most popular designs and not annoy us with a collection that is too large to be browsed entirely.

I find the prices acceptable. The company sells wallets and bags. The wallets cost about $100-$150 while the bags cost about $150 to $350 depending on the size, popularity and fabrics used on the purse. If you run a quick search online and compare these prices with the ones of other stores selling similar replicas, you will see that the prices are about the same.

The interesting thing about the pictures is that these aren’t professional photos. And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. On the contrary, it shows that this company has its own stock and that it actually took pictures of its own replica bags and posted them on the website. It clearly proves that what you see in the pictures is what you get and, honestly, judging by the photos these fake bags appear to be quite beautiful and very authentic looking.

As opposed to the photos, the description of the products is terrible. It is written in broken English and it is quite difficult to understand. Luckily, if you know a thing or two about these designer bags you will be able to read between the lines and get the main technical specifications.

The most fascinating thing about ordering from is that you get a discount depending on the number of items you buy. I discovered this in the Payment section of the order form where I saw that Western Union, Visa and Mastercard payments are available. If you pay by Western Union you can enjoy the following discounts: 10% for 1 product, 15% for 2 products, 25% for 3 products or 30% for 5 products or more. If you pay by credit you get 5% off for 1 product, 10% off for 2 products or 15% off for 3 products. can deliver your package to any country in the world. The usual delivery time is 5 to 14 business days. The delivery is free to USA, Australia and France while for other countries the fee may vary between $10 and $50. The orders are shipped with EMS, DHL or FEDEX and all of them have a tracking number. Also, the company guarantees the delivery. If the package is lost or seized then they will reship it.

The store offers 30 days return policy. This policy clearly states that you must contact the company within the first 15 days if you wish to return an item for a refund or exchange, but you have until the end of the first 30 days to send the product back. Another important thing is that the replica bag must be unworn. If you wear a fake purse that you want to send back then the return guarantee will be void. And let’s not forget that the customer must pay all the return costs.

The website says that offers Customer Care from 9 Am to 5 PM, Monday to Friday. And what are the available contact methods? Well, the company can be reached only by using a Contact Form included on the page. It does not provide a phone number, email address or live chat. I guess this is not because it is not a trustworthy merchant, but rather because it is based in China and doesn’t have any agents that can have a decent English conversation. is a replica bag store that takes a different approach, one that I really appreciate. It offers numerous different brands, but each one has a strict selection of the most popular models ever launched. The prices are quite fair and the product pictures are not made by a professional photographer, but by someone from the company with a normal camera. This proves that it delivers what you see online, that you can trust the quality of its products. It also delivers worldwide and it takes both credit card and Western Union payments. The only downsides are that it does not have a professional customer care department and that the return guarantee is void if you wear the bag.

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