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2015-11-2 fashion Jewelry & Watches

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I am sure that you are looking for a new stylish and functional designer bag, one that will go very nicely with this season’s outfits. Lucky for you, today I have decided to find out more about En-Bags.com and share everything with my readers. Are you curious to find out what styles of fake bags it carries, what are its prices and the quality? Continue reading.

I like very much the design of En-Bags.com. It shows a great concern for its image and for the way its customers react and interact with the site. Starting with the homepage, everything is quite simple, elegant and user friendly. The color scheme is composed of light colors, the sliding banner features simple and stylish images and the few color accents that are present on the site are mostly red tones. Everything about its aesthetics speaks about a well dozed elegance, one that convinces us that this online store is an excellent source for high quality replica handbags.

I am not a huge fan on Internet stores that sell an endless number of brands. I am confident that reputable shops need to select wisely the available replica products and offer just the ones that have the best quality. This is why; the fact that En-Bags.com sells just 13 brands isn’t such a huge inconvenience for me. The collection seems to be pretty diverse and inclusive. It has all the important designers and the models listed are some of the most popular in the world. Plus, the company doesn’t carry just fake purses. It also offers wallets, belts and shoes. And by the looks of it, the number of available items per each brand is really impressive. Just the Louis Vuitton category has over 2,000 different models.

If you want to know what are the prices of these replica handbags then you will be happy to find out that these are affordable to any given budget. These fake purses can cost from $100 up to $500. This considerable price difference is influenced by the complexity of the model, choice of materials, quality of the hardware and the type and number of compartments. Of course, the most affordable products from the bags collection are the clutches and wallets which cost about $100. The purses in medium size are $100-$250, the large products cost $250-$400 and the extra-large luggage is $400-$500.

A quick look at the pictures of these products will tell you that the company has invested a lot of time and money into making such clear and beautiful photos. The most important thing is the high clarity of the images accentuated by the white background. This helps us see the most important details of the imitation handbags. Of course, the fact that the products were photographed from all important angles, inside and outside, also contributes to the company’s goal of providing very accurate and clear representations of its knockoffs.

On the website we also find very informative and easy to comprehend descriptions for these replica purses. The technical specifications aren’t that detailed, but they do mention all the important information about the functionality, materials, sizes and design of the bags.

On the Order Form I was surprised to see that there are two options that at least for me mean the same thing. Option number one says “Credit Card Payment 1”, but it does not say that credit card types it takes and how is it different than option number two- “Credit Card Payment 2” which has the logos for Mastercard, Visa and JCB. My main concern is regarding the fact that the page where you are supposed to enter your card details isn’t a https one. This means that it isn’t secure and that the data you are entering isn’t protected from hackers or similar threats.

The company provides two delivery options to its customers. The first one and also the most tempting one is Free Shipping. By choosing it, you agree to have your package delivered by registered mail in about 10-25 business days. The second option is Standard shipping which costs between $25 and $50, depending on the delivery country. These orders are shipped with EMS, the usual delivery time is 7-10 business days and a tracking number will also be provided.

En-Bags.com provides a 7 days return policy. If you have received an order from the company and you aren’t happy with the company then you must contact its Customer Care department before the first 7 days run out. You can choose to get a refund or an exchange. But let’s not forget that the customer is the one who must pay all the shipping back expenses and that these are usually pretty high.

The company says on its website that it sells replica handbags for over 6 years. I honestly do not understand how they managed to stay this long on the market without having a professional customer service department. I really do not thing that any website can build a good relationship with its customers without having excellent customer Services. And this implies being able to attend its customers by phone, live chat and email. En-Bags.com doesn’t have a phone number or live chat. It can be reached only by Contact Form or by using a Gmail account.

It is my honest opinion that En-Bags.com is the kind of fake purses online site that knows how to appear professional and reputable, but it also has a couple of shortcomings. The positive arguments for buying from this company are the friendly and beautiful website, clear product pictures, large collection of products, fair prices, free shipping and the 7 days return policy. And now let’s see the negative ones- the lack of a responsive customer care department, not offering a free repairs warranty and not having a security certificate on its credit card processing page.

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