6 Month Warranty For Your Bag

2015-11-2 fashion Jewelry & Watches


For most of us, replica handbags shoppers, the decision of purchasing a fake purse from a certain store is mainly influenced by the repairs warranty. Almost all companies provide this type of warranty, but it varies from merchant to merchant. Some offer a 30 days repairs warranty while others want to really convince us that their products are the best ones on the market and tempt us with a 3 or 6 months free repairs warranty.

My question is: how useful a 6 months repairs warranty really is? I say this because, on all replica bags websites the repairs policy states that it covers just manufacturing defects. This means that if the bag has a design fault, if a metallic part breaks in two, if the stitching has loose threads or if the logos and names are incorrectly spelled then you can ask the company to fix the problem. But if the defect is due to wear and tear then you have no chances of fixing this issue. If the product is made from poor materials that have a low durability and after a few weeks or months the replica bag starts discoloring or if the leather gets slimmer and slimmer until it breaks then you can’t repair it for free. Any defects that can be considered a result of wearing the bag on a regular basis will not be considered. In such cases the warranty is null.

Of course, the above mentioned unfortunate situations are very likely to happen. I’m telling you this not because I think that a repairs warranty is useless, but because you must understand its limitations; and that it does not fully protect your purchase. The first thing you must acknowledge before purchasing a replica handbag is that you get what you pay for. A fake purse will never be manufactured from the same materials as the genuine one and it will certainly not have the same exquisite craftsmanship. It is a product designed to look nice and almost authentic, but its durability is significantly lower than the one of the real bag.

The 6 months free repairs warranty can’t really guarantee that for at least 6 months you will have a high quality replica purse that will look just like it did when you first received it. This policy has its limitations. It only protects the fake handbag from manufacturing defects and not from the equally damaging wear and tear signs.

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