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The great thing about the Internet is that it can make all our dreams come true. Take for instance, our passion for beautiful replica designer handbags. We could never afford the original thing, but the e-market makes everything so much simpler. You can shop for the perfect imitation luxury purse with just a couple hundred dollars. This being said, we also shouldn’t ignore the fact that not all replica websites offer the same degree of quality, services and prices. We need to be selective and choose wisely when we place our orders. Below, I will show you how I separate de reputable ones from the scams. is one of the online stores that promise to indulge our lust for exquisite designer bags with very authentic looking purses, affordable prices and excellent services. Judging just by its looks, it’s hard to believe that the site is such a great source for high quality imitation purses. Its design is pretty simple and dull. It has a white background, a plain top menu bar with just 4 brands buttons, a lot of text in the center of the page and lots of sponsored products. There is nothing too showy, too impressive or elegant. Still, due to its simplicity, it is quite friendly and easy to use.

The company doesn’t carry that many handbags brands. It offers only 10 luxury designer categories, but these are very wide as some of them include about 3,000 different models. Plus, the site offers so many other types of replica accessories, not just bags. Belts, wallets and shoes are just a few of the fakes available here. Also, every category is organized into collections that have the same name as the original ones. This helps us identify quicker the model which interests us. has all its prices in GBP. My first impression is that these are very convenient. For instance, the smaller products like the wallets cost about 50-80 GBP. The purses are 100- 200 GBP while the travel bags cost about 200-300 GBP. This is not such a high price if we consider the fact that the genuine products cost 10 times more. If the quality is decent then it is definitely worth it.

When it comes to the product pictures, this website disappoints greatly. It does not have its own photos taken of its own merchandise in order to convince us that what we see in the images is what we will receive. Instead, it uses pictures copied from different sources, pictures that may or may not represent the actual replica bag sold by the merchant. Plus, the quality of the images is not that great. The photos are small and most of them show only the front and inside of the purse, but not the additional details.

When you order a replica handbag from you get free worldwide delivery by EMS. With this shipping option, your order will be delivered in about 7 business days and a tracking number will be provided for the package. If you want to receive the package sooner then you can choose to pay extra and get it with DHL. The shipping charge for DHL delivery is 28 GBP and the estimated delivery time is 3-5 business days.

The only available shipping options here are Visa and Mastercard. Besides credit card, there is no other method for paying for your order. I totally disapprove with this. I think that accepting only card payments shows that the merchant isn’t that preoccupied about the needs and satisfaction of its customers. All reputable and liable companies should offer alternative payment options.

The company guarantees the satisfaction of your purchase with a 7 days refund policy and a 14 days exchange warranty. Like with any other online purchase, when you get a package from this store, you should inspect the product very well and see if it really is what you were expecting. If not then you should immediately contact the site and request the return details. But please keep in mind the fact that all return costs must be paid by the customer.

Unfortunately, disappoints us also when it comes to customer services. No matter how urgent your questions or problems may be, you cannot instantly contact the store because it does not offer chat and phone services. You can send a message by emailing their agents or using the Contact Form included on the page.

Every woman dreams of owning an LV, Prada or Hermes bag, but the stiff price tends to discourage us. Instead of buying the real thing we turn to replicas, such as the ones sold by This company has a very large collection of famous designer purses at very affordable prices, free International delivery and a 7 days refund policy, but the reasons why it doesn’t convince me that it is such a great idea are the poor customer services, the unreliable pictures and the limited credit card options.

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