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2015-11-2 fashion Jewelry & Watches


The real problem with luxury designer purses is that these products are incredibly expensive. No matter how much you adore these gorgeous expensive bags or how addicted to fashion you may be, paying a couple thousand dollars for these beauties is something that not many of us afford to do. In consequence we choose to buy replica designer purses that look and feel incredibly real. Pursereal.com is one of the countless online stores that appeal to our obsession for elegant and functional city bags and convince us to choose its business by temping us with very low prices. But is it really such a good idea? Stay tuned and you will soon find out!

Pursereal.com is a very elegant and fashionable fake bags online store. Its secret is simplicity. It has a very simple and stylish design created by using a plain white background, a wide red and white banner, a discrete four-buttons top menu bar and a couple of sponsored products. Everything about its appearance is airy, fresh and clean. You can’t help but feeling very familiar when you enter this site. It bases its appeal on a friendly look and on a high usability.

The really neat thing about this store is that it offers a very large selection of replica products; from luxury purses to wallets and belts here you will find all the stylish accessories that complement your look. The top side menu bar includes the main buttons for these 3 different categories- handbags, wallets and belts. When you roll the cursor over one of the categories a very wide and long list of sub-categories is revealed. This list includes all the available brands and their numerous sub-collections. Louis Vuitton, Prada and Hermes are just a few of the luxury designers that you will find on this site.

As every category includes a pretty rich selection of models, to make browsing a little bit easier the products are divided into sub-collections that have the same name as the original ones. For instance, Louis Vuitton is organized into Monogram Canvas, Damier Ebene Canvas and Monogram Multicolore. Also, the products can be sorted by price. This helps us locate the style of bag that we are looking to buy, but it is still far from being such a smooth browsing process. The company carries too many different bags models and my opinion is that and Advances Search option would have been really nice. Instead, we just have to go through all the hundreds of items, page by page.

Pursereal.com offers pretty decent prices. Obviously, the most affordable products it sells are the wallets that are priced at $90-$150. These are basically made from real leather and feature the same design as the original ones. The more expensive products are the replica handbags that cost between $150 and $250 and are manufactured from different type of materials like cow leather, canvas and other kinds of leather. These are very authentic looking and have all the original logos and markings.

The pictures of these replica handbags are not very flattering. The real problem is that the photos look like they were taken in different studios as the quality of the images is different, the décor varies and the number of pictures per product is also distinct. Plus, the name watermarked on the photos is not Pursereal.com. The pictures say 2013Luxuryhandbags. From my point of view, this means that the company isn’t at all serious as it does not consider necessary to invest time and effort into providing good quality product pictures.

Pursereal.com is the type of company that accepts only credit card payments. It does not offer alternative payment options like Western Union, Money Gram or Bank Wire. In fact, this store only processes Visa, Mastercard and JCB. Sure, it is nice to find an online site that takes a large range of card options, but there is something about a card-only website that doesn’t inspire me that much trust. I consider that any trustworthy online store should offer as many payment options as possible and this always implies alternatives to card payments.

This online store offers two options for delivering your order. The first one is represented by Regular Mail which takes about 14-21 business days to deliver your package and it is completely free and the second one by EMS which takes about 7-10 business days to get the order at your door and it costs about $28. I do not know about you, ladies, but I sure prefer to pay extra and have my replica bag delivered in the shortest possible time frame. Waiting for almost a month to receive my order feels like an awful lot of time, even if the shipping is free.

When you choose to order a replica designer handbag from Pursereal.com you benefit from a 30 days satisfaction guarantee. This means that during the first 30 days from the delivery you can choose to send the purse back for a refund or exchange no questions asked. Another great thing about its policies is that the company will pay for the costs of sending out a replacement product and there is also no restocking fee applied. The only thing you will have to pay is the shipping fee of returning the initial replica bag.

The most important thing you need to know when you are ordering replica handbags online is that customer service is everything. If you can’t count on the company to quickly reply to your inquiries and rapidly resolve your problems then what is the point of ordering its products, in the first place? Take a moment to test its customer care department and see if it is the kind of merchant that knows how to treat its clientele. For instance, this online store does not offer the minimum level of customer care. It does not have a contact phone number, email address or a live chat service. The only way of contacting its representatives is by sending a message through the Contact Form included on the page.

I think that Pursereal.com is not such an ok replica bags website. It has a diversified and nice selection of fake purses, the prices are affordable, it offers free world wide delivery and a 30 days satisfaction guarantee. But the really worrisome things you need to consider before ordering its knockoffs are- it only takes card payment, it has very unreliable photos, it does not offer a free repairs warranty and it lacks decent customer services.

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