Louis Vuitton Capucines Replica Bag Review

Louis Vuitton

I know that Louis Vuitton Capucines Bags are the best purses on the market, but this is not the reason I am in love with them. I love them because they are beautiful, because they have a unique design, because there are not others like these ones. Of course most of the LV bags you can see on the street are replicas, but this is not an issue, the real problem is how good the replica is and does it worth the money? I know a copy cannot be original but it has to get as close at it can to the real thing. It has to look the same, to feel the same, to smell the same and all these qualities require a lot of attention and devotion.

A good copy of the Louis Vuitton Capucines handbags is indeed very hard to find because this is a much demanded bag and most replica manufacturers pay more attention to the quantity than the quality. This is not something that enchants us but there is nothing much to do than tell you what you should look for when you buy a Louis Vuitton Capucines Replica Bag.

The one I going to talk about today is a very good replica. It was purchased from Purse Valley and these guys really know what a replica should be like. The leather is black, thick and firm, the bag can easily stand on its own and even when it is empty it does not bend. On the front of the bag you can see the LV letters made from a gold metal and covered in black leather. They look very real and beautiful. The handle is sturdy too, it has a nice look and it feels great when holding it. It is connected to the bag through two round pieces of metal that are also gold and covered in black leather. On these rings that connect the handle to the bag there are some studs that perfectly imitate the original ones. The inside of the purse is nice too. It is made of good quality pink leather, just like the original one. There is a very useful zipped pocket and a simple one inside the bag. The zipper runs smoothly and looks exactly like the original. Inside the Louis Vuitton Capucines Replica Bag we can find the text: “LOUIS VUITTON” “PARIS” and also “made in France” embossed on the black leather and the serial number embossed on the pink leather. The stitching is good with no imperfections.

Overall this is a very nice replica bag, one that definitely worth the purchasing. Even if it is very hard to find a good looking Louis Vuitton Capucines Replica Bags I think it deserves a little more time to search for it. I have to say that Capucines is an awesome bag.


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How Caitlyn Jenner, Blake Lively, and More Fell for This Cool Denim Brand

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While denim trends come and go, A-listers are fiercely loyal when they find a pair of faded blues that fits—much like the rest of us. The latest label of jeans to captivate Hollywood’s best dressers is Los Angeles–based label Mother. Founded in 2010, designers Tim Kaeding and Lela Becker have a cult celebrity following that includes the likes of Alessandra AmbrosioGigi Hadid, and Emily Blunt. And it’s fair to say their popular mid-rise skinny jeans manage to balance comfort with that all-important figure-flattering effect.

So what’s the best way to wear them? Take cues from Blake Lively, who put her own spin on an urban uniform with a pair of floral, printed peg-legs from the line, accessorizing with black pumps and a matching black lady bag. Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson took hers in a more punk direction, pairing the cropped, shredded Mothers with Dr. Martens. The skinny styles have also proven to work well in the wardrobes of high-profile working moms, like Kim Kardashian WestKatie Holmes, and Miranda Kerr, who used them to flaunt their svelte, post-baby bodies. Clearly it’s all in the jeans.

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Save the Fashion Industry, Save the World! How We Can Make a Greener Future

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Sustainability has become a key issue in the fashion industry over the past year, thanks in part to the widely covered documentary The True Cost and the launch of H&M and Kering’s garment-recycling program. But even with all the buzzy press, turning fashion into a greener industry remains an uphill battle, with plenty of technological, systematic, and business struggles to overcome. Last night at Glasgow Caledonian University New York, Simon Collins and Julie Gilhart discussed some of the issues in their second Fashion Garage conversation. Here, five takeaways from the evening.

1. The product should always come first.
“The customer is not asking for sustainable fashion, they want great fashion, and they want good product priced at a price they can afford,” said Gilhart to the young designers in the crowd. “If you can add in that it’s made well, that’s great, but it’s added value.” Collins seconded the notion: “It’s got to be a really good compelling product that you want—it doesn’t matter how responsible it is. If it’s not nice and they don’t want it, they’re not going to want it just because it’s responsible.”

2. Use social media to your benefit.
Many of the designers in the audience wondered how to get the word out about their sustainable practices. To Gilhart and Collins the solution is simple: social media. Touching on the issue of desire, Collins explained, “The harsh reality is that nobody cares where it’s made, they just don’t because it’s just a bag in the end, and either they like the bag or they don’t. But if they do like the bag, you have this great opportunity, which is free social media, and the other ways of promoting you didn’t used to have.”

3. Accept that consumer shopping habits won’t change.
The easy answer is to tell people to shop less, but who’s going to listen? Gilhart believes our focus should be on making production more environmentally friendly through materials and recycling techniques. “We need to look at what’s being produced, and make it better. You’re going to have the girls that are hoarders that want to buy 20 pieces of something and then they want to throw it away and get another 20 pieces. I don’t think you can change that, but I think you can change those 20 pieces. If they’re made well and they’re circular and they can be upcycled or reused, then all right. That’s okay.” Another thing not going away? Fast fashion. “The statistics say that there’s going to be the need for the one-dollar dress. Instead of the $15.99 dress, it’s a dollar,” explained Gilhart to gasps. The need then becomes finding a way to keep costs down while putting eco practices into place.

4. Focus on materials.
With all the information about sustainability being circulated, it can be hard figuring out how to make a difference. Gilhart advises designers to focus on the materials they’re using. “There’s a huge focus on materials right now and how you can make materials better, and it’s not just organic,” she noted. “If I were a designer starting out, I would be looking at where I get my materials from, who knows about good materials, who’s innovating, who’s sharing knowledge. There are tons of resources, you just have to dig—but it’s all about materials.”

5. Vote with your wallet.
For consumers, the first step in taking action is to “vote with your wallet,” as Collins put it. “Everyone in this room, it’s your fault, and mine, because we buy this crap. If we weren’t buying it they wouldn’t be selling it, so we have power, not them,” he said. “It’s up to us. We have to be responsible. And the good news, of course, is that in our phones we have every bit of information that’s ever existed, so it’s impossible to not know what you’re buying.”

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Louis Vuitton Resort 2016

Louis Vuitton

After last year’s Louis Vuitton show at the Prince’s Palace of Monaco, artistic director of women’s collections Nicolas Ghesquière tipped his hat to an entirely different kind of royalty for resort 2016, staging the presentation in the grounds of Bob and Dolores Hope’s breathtaking estate in Palm Springs. “I remember coming to Palm Springs fifteen or 20 years ago and being so impressed by this place—it’s almost like a castle,” said Ghesquière backstage after the show. “The Hopes were really brave and radical to build something so ahead of its time with John Lautner.”

With its tropical-kitsch seventies wallpaper and awe-inspiring Jetson-style proportions, the house is a historic modernist landmark and yet conjures a vision of the future that we’re still catching up to. Those keenly forward-thinking instincts are right in line with the designer and his process: In his hands, even the most distinctly retro references are recast and re-imagined with a confident back-to-the-future sense of ease. Attempting to unpick a Ghesquièrian web of inspiration is never straightforward for that very reason.

This season was no different, although a few key mood-board touchstones did emerge. The longer, leaner line of the collection had a Lady-of-the-Canyon whimsy to it, and was a clear departure from the short and sweet modish hemlines that have figured in the last few seasons. In fact they resonated more strongly with the silhouette Ghesquière carved out as a young up-and-comer at the house ofBalenciaga. Pair the ankle-grazing chiffon skirts and apron dresses with an LV logo backpack and a palladium-style sneaker (a sporty boot made so for the desert, or so said Ghesquière), and the look took on a nineties club-kid vibe.

That unexpected mix of romantic and rebel, like a prairie dress cut with studded harnesses or fashioned from embroidered leather, made for a compelling and modern idea of evening. Ghesquière pointed to the stylings of cool California girls as an influence, those types who regularly combine a winter wardrobe with a spring one (where else on the planet will you find summer dresses worn with fur gilets but in L.A.!), and that approach to dressing felt particularly right for a transitional season. It’s perhaps also why, more than It bags, the rich and varied outerwear stood out in the collection: biker jackets with exaggerated buckled collars, cropped bombers with gothic lacing, and body-skimming patchwork suede jackets spun with curlicue sequin insets. That intricate craftsmanship and attention to detail was a nod back to the codes and traditions of the house, but also showed just where Ghesquière is capable of taking Louis Vuitton.

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Trade of fake Louis Vuitton handbags under threat in Dubai

Louis Vuitton

A new agreement between Louis Vuitton - well known for its famous monogrammed handbags - and Dubai’s trade authority will see the two cooperate to stamp out fakes being sold in the city (File photo: AP)

Dubai-based lovers of counterfeit fashion items should be warned: fake Louis Vuitton products - including knock-offs of the French fashion firm's much-coveted lines of monogrammed handbags and totes - may soon become very scarce.

A new agreement between Louis Vuitton and Dubai’s trade authority, the Department of Economic Development, will see the two cooperate to stamp out fakes being sold in the city, according to a press release published this week.

Under the agreement, the luxury goods firm will help train Dubai government inspectors to spot fake products and will also raise awareness among consumers.

The French fashion firm is the first luxury brand to sign such an agreement with the emirate's authorities.

Handbags made by Louis Vuitton, a luxury French fashion house, are a popular status symbol in Dubai, with a basic handbag retailing for around $1,000.

However, a fake Louis Vuitton handbag from a counterfeit dealer can be had - before customary haggling - for only around $200, according to Dubai-based paper Gulf News.

Less prestige

Despite regular crackdowns by Dubai authorities, who last month seized and then shredded 3.5 million counterfeit products worth around $53 million, fakes can still be found.

report published this year by the European Union's law enforcement agency Europol called the UAE one of the main “countries of provenance for counterfeit goods.”

Some reports suggest that the business of selling fakes may have shifted to social media networks and messaging apps.

Dubai-based Louis Vuitton fans hailed the move by authorities and the luxury brand, saying that knock-off bags lowered the prestige of some of their favorite fashion items.

Fashion fan Razan Abu Omar, a Palestinian expat living in Dubai, told Al Arabiya that she believed “fake Louis Vuitton bags do not give the brand its right.”

“The brand is supposed to be one of the best and expensive brands in the world,” she added.

Batoul al-Beitouni, a Jordanian expat, said that “fake goods in general are a bad idea because the money you are paying goes to a dishonest person and it’s a crime anyway.”

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Louis Vuitton

Eighty-five years and counting! Supple and lightweight, stylish and functional, the Speedy can change its look, its size, and its tone. Ready for anything, it remains a step ahead. This bag is definitely going places!

The Speedy is always in a hurry! Since it was launched in 1930, it has lived life in the fast lane. It is no coincidence that it appeared just as women – aware of their importance in society and aspiring to play an increasingly active role – were taking their first strides towards emancipation. They could not have wished for a more perfect companion than this bag, whose very name suggests freedom of movement. Indeed, the stylish and practical Speedy adapts to every circumstance, every situation. A travel bag for an impromptu weekend, a city bag for the office, or simply a handbag elegantly hooked over a woman’s arm…

The Speedy is the ultimate multitasker. Not to mention that, to satisfy every desire, it has adopted several sizes and countless guises – eye-popping or understated, fun or fashionforward, graphic or eccentric. All of which makes it a truly timeless classic. Above all, however, the Speedy is the big-hearted bag that can hold a woman’s entire, precious world, the bag for a woman on the move, who loves life going forward.

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