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The nice thing about Givenchy is that the iconic handbags get a little twist every season. So for anyone who likes to be a bit different, these are the best options. It’s especially attractive because the designs are only available during the season. In long term, they will be limited. For the Spring Summer 2018 Collection, Givenchy painted their signatures with a large logo. Let’s take a look.

The Design

The Pandora Bag or the Stargate Bag, these bags are no stranger to any fashion obsessed. Givenchy hasn’t changed their shape or design, but they’ve been embellished with the latest Logo Paint for the new season. This new Logo Paint creates a more attractive urban-vibe. It’s notable; it’s distinctive and very personal as it appears to be hand-written. The combination of black and white will attract a lot of eyes. And basically the bag is bragging, but without the need of your effort. You don’t mind that right?

The Prices

Even tough the styles of these bags are a bit different, but they’re absolutely stunning and the price is not that much of a different.

The Givenchy Logo Painted Pandora Bag is priced at $2350 USD, €1690 EUR, £1590 GBP.

And the Stargate Bag is priced a $1390 USD, €990 EUR, £950 GBP.

Where To Shop Givenchy Logo Bag?

1. MyTheresa – there are a lot of styles, see here…

2. Luisa Via Roma – if you live in Europe, shop here…

3. Farfetch – find the logo bag in tote, flap bag and pouch versions here…

4. Matches Fashion – the bag is also available here…

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